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Dancing in the Darwin rain

Dancing in the Darwin rain

From snow on Mount Buller to the heat of the Kimberley, we Aussies are used to embracing all kinds of wild weather, and the tropics of the Northern Territory are no exception!

Forget four seasons – the Top End only has two: a dry season (May to October) and a wet season (November to April). While many are tempted to explore the outback without getting soaked, Darwin’s wet season is a lot of fun! Rumbling thunder is part of the Top End’s wet season soundtrack as cooling rain washes off the humidity, and lightning illuminates the grey clouds, making for one epic display from Mother Nature. Step out of your comfort zone and step into Darwin’s summer with these top things to do!

When you’re ready to dive into the thick of the storm, start off your adventure in Darwin at the George Brown Botanic Gardens, where you can walk through the shady ferns by the tropical orchards, and marvel at the exotic plants on display. There’s an African–Madagascan garden showcasing magnificent boab trees, whose thick trunks store water for dry seasons, which comes in handy in their native homes of Africa and Australia. Take yourself on a tree-lined stroll around the gardens, or opt for a guided segway tour if you’re after something a little more fast paced. There’s also fun for the kids at the playground, as well as the Cycad Garden, which houses ancient plants that scientists believe the dinosaurs once ate when they roamed Earth! If the weather’s proving too intense, head to the visitor centre to learn about different plants and their uses in First Nations culture, or kick back with a coffee and a sweet treat at Eva’s Botanic Garden Cafe.

To read the rest of the top things to do in Darwin’s wet season, check out the Autumn 2022 edition of Caravanning Australia!

Image: Pathway to Florence Falls (C) Tourism Australia; Nicholas Kavo.

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