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A gourmet tour of Canberra

Winter is by far the best time of year to sink your teeth into this deceptively hip destination – the scenery is sublime, cool-climate wines come into their own and truffle season has everyone in a tizz.   Something to nibble Canberra boasts quirky and creative eateries for all tastes, budgets and occasions. You can … Continued

Your chance to win $10,000

In partnership with our friends at CIL Insurance. CIL Insurance, Australia’s leading specialist caravan and RV insurer, is giving you the chance to win $10,000 cash! There is no better time to explore Australia, and all it has on offer. With $10,000 cash you could be packing up your caravan or RV and heading out on … Continued

Exploring fossils and caves

Bush trails, caves and fossils are waiting to be adventured, while the incredible selection of wine and food that will make your mouth water is waiting to be devoured. So, without further ado, here are the highlights of this epic trip – we challenge you to find a part you won’t enjoy! SydneyWhen New South … Continued

Joining a caravan club

Usually encompassing a group of caravanning enthusiasts comprising families with children, caravan clubs are your go-to place for everything caravans. Above all else, caravan clubs love a social event – and they’re usually all over the country! It gives old and new members the chance to mingle and share stories, and for those with the … Continued

Your home away from home

Whether you’re embarking on a Big Lap trip around Australia, or partaking in caravanning journeys intermittently throughout the year, making your caravan feel more homely has a plethora of benefits. Doona covers and quilts Nothing quite beats the feeling of being snuggled underneath your favourite doona. So, why not bring this to your caravan when … Continued

Waltzing into the heart of Australia

Going into the Australian outback is a remarkable experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation of the land. Named after the beloved song, Matilda Way is one of the best ways to see some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes. It’s 1812 kilometres of adventure so gear up, grab a couple of mates and … Continued

Broome and the Kimberley Coast

In this corner of Western Australia’s north, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got the place to yourself – with fewer people in the region per square kilometre than almost any place on Earth! Discover ancient landscapes, coral reefs, waterfalls and beautiful beaches, far away from the bustle of the everyday. Swim with more than … Continued

Exercising your right to move!

Here are some exercises and activities for you to do on the road to prevent stiffness, injury, and help keep up your overall health and wellbeing: Exercises in the car This may sound silly, but simply flexing your muscles in the seat of your car while driving is surprisingly effective. While we only encourage you … Continued

Welcome to the Big River drive

There’s a lot of natural beauties throughout New South Wales, but there are also hidden treasures and the Big River drive is one of them. Leading into the Big River campground in Goulburn River National Park, this little stretch of road is absolutely perfect for adventure lovers. This route is special for a couple of reasons. … Continued

Overlanders Way

Travel along Overlanders Way to discover prehistoric treasures and catch a glimpse of outback life. Townsville to Charters Towers Townsville is a must-visit spot in the Sunshine State! While you’re in town, jump on a ferry over to Magnetic Island to experience a tropical oasis. Once you’ve well and truly explored all that is on … Continued

Wildin’ wildlife in South Australia

If there’s any place in the world that has its fair share of cute, fun and cuddly animals, it’s Australia – and more specifically, South Australia. The abundance of wildlife goes unmatched, with the homes of these furry (and not so) friends complementing their personalities. Here are some of the best spots we recommend across … Continued

Heritage in the Heartlands

Join us as we explore some of Tasmania’s most significant historical attractions, nestled among the charming townships of the Heartlands. Perth to Mole Creek Perth was settled back in 1821 and is home to more than 40 historical buildings. If you’re looking to soak up all the history of the past 200 years, then drop … Continued

Preparing for a winter escape

Winter is coming! It may not be as brutal as what Jon Snow experienced in Game of Thrones, but it’s nevertheless important we’re prepared for he cooler months. Setting out on the road during winter requires careful planning to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip, and to make things easier for you, we’ve brought you … Continued

Pack for the outback

Bush camping is the perfect opportunity to get away from the stresses of the city. In this day and age, you don’t need to leave behind your creature comforts. Make sure that the trip runs smoothly by packing the right selection of gadgets and gear. Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s suggestions for camping accessories … Continued

Autumn adventures: part two

With winter fast approaching, we are inching closer to peak coldness while on the road. Part one of our ‘Autumn adventures’ series saw Victoria’s High Country, New South Wales’s Armidale and Queensland’s Toowoomba all on display. Keep reading to see Caravanning Australia’s recommendations for the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Northern Territory … Continued

Explore a star-studded line-up

If you’re looking for your next celestial hit, then remote New South Wales is the place to be – it’s perfect if you want to indulge in astronomy or set up camp and marvel at the sky with a blazing fire. Here are some of the best spots for you to check out: Broken Hill If … Continued

The ultimate guide to four-wheel driving

It goes without saying that if you’re about to embark on a four-wheel drive adventure into the Australian outback, then your vehicle needs to be in tip-top shape. So here are a few things to think about before you embark on your adventure: The vehicle About three to four weeks before you leave, make sure … Continued

World-class wine and a very long walk

Satellite images of South Australia show a mostly dust-blown, brown mass, peppered with occasional white salt flats. Lake Eyre, the largest lake in Australia when at capacity, fills once every 50 years or so but is generally a 9500 square kilometre white splotch devoid of vegetation. Only the south-eastern edge of the state is tinged … Continued

Thrillseeker’s guide to Australia

Everyone has their special interests on a holiday – such as nature, wildlife or relaxation. There is a certain group of people, however, who thrive off adrenaline and enjoy living on the edge. And they’re lucky; Australia is the perfect country for thrillseekers, with adventure-fuelled experiences on offer all over the country. So, if you’re … Continued

Caravanning from the backseat: Merimbula Edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature. Autumn and the first term school holidays are just around the corner, and I’ve got just the destination for you and your family. Merimbula is one of the best autumn destinations Australia has to offer, it’s perfect for families, and below … Continued

Stay plugged in

Every traveller knows how important battery power is when hitting the road. Energy is needed to do all sorts of important things – keeping your brews cold, charging electronic devices and appliances, or using navigation apps on your phone. Not all set ups are equal though, and everyone has different energy needs. Tailor your battery … Continued

The Grampians way

Known as Gariwerd by the local Indigenous people, the Grampians is a spectacular national park renowned for its stunning natural beauty. Experience what this magnificent region has to offer by jumping on the Grampians Way Touring Route. Begin your journey right in the heart of the Grampians National Park at Halls Gap. This delightful town … Continued

Crossing the Nullarbor

With a vast expanse that stretches across three time zones from Western Australia to South Australia, the Nullarbor Plain is one of the greatest road journeys in Australia. You won’t find a single tree breaking the horizon as you take on the longest stretch of straight road anywhere in the world – the name Nullarbor … Continued

Wander down the Waterfall Way

Waterfalls are some of nature’s most amazing attractions, and Waterfall Way has no shortage of these. This driving route is known for bountiful hiking trails, camping grounds and national parks. Explore the Mid North Coast’s unruly beauty, immerse yourself in nature and get close to some of Australia’s most incredible animals. Hike around Muttonbird Island … Continued

Caravans or camper trailers?

We live in an expansive country with so much to see and explore, so what’s the best way to explore its never-ending beauty? Caravans When looking at which ones to buy, caravans are typically organised into two categories: pop-tops and ‘full’ caravans. The pop-top roof design was popularised in the 1970s during a fuel crisis, … Continued

Autumn adventures: part one

A transitional season, autumn showcases the vibrant changing colours of nature, signalling the approaching cold weather in the southern states. This makes it the ideal season to set out on the road and explore the natural wonders Australia has to offer. Not sure where to start? Here is some inspiration for your next autumn adventure. … Continued

Long-weekend adventures

Victorians, South Australians, Tasmanians and Canberrans, not sure where are you setting off this long weekend? Caravanning Australia is here to help you plan your Labour Day, Adelaide Cup, Eight Hour Day and Canberra Day long weekend! Dandenong Ranges, Victoria Unwind from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, and set off towards the Dandenong … Continued

Beach safety 101

Before you hit the road and head to the closest coastline, take some time to brush up on your beach safety so you can keep enjoying the beach all summer long! Here are our top tips on staying safe this summer: Where to swim An important first step in ensuring a safe and fun beach … Continued

It’s time to thrive and beach drive!

The Great Beach Drive featured stunning beaches, pastoral national parks and jaw-dropping World Heritage–listed sites. If there’s one beach drive you do this summer, then we urge it to be this one. Noosa Before you get underway and make your way to Rainbow Beach, we highly recommend making the most of your surrounds in Noosa. … Continued

Take a dip in the Top End

Is there any better way to escape the heat than by taking a dip in a natural swimming hole? Luckily for those travelling in the Darwin area, the region is home to some of the best swimming spots in the country (and the world!). We’ve put together a list of the best swimming spots within … Continued

Exploring the coast of New South Wales

What better way to spend the summer than venturing through some of New South Wales’s most iconic spots? Here are a few we highly recommend you check out throughout your journey. Cooma The starting place on this beautiful trek is none other than the gold rush town of Cooma. Settled in the mid 1800s, this … Continued

Valentine’s Day in your home state

Avid travellers and van lifers don’t need many excuses to set out on the road and immerse themselves in the wonders of Australia. For those who do need an excuse to travel, or are looking to begin their caravanning journey’s, why not plan a romantic weekend away to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are Caravanning Australia’s … Continued

Introducing the Ultimate Trip!

Road trips are on everyone’s lists as we near summer, so we have a sneak peek into the wonderful journey known as ‘the ultimate trip around Australia’! Bondi Beach Start your time off in Sydney with a nice breakfast and coffee along Bondi Beach – there are a plethora of cafes to choose from and … Continued

The apps you need for your next road trip

Sometimes you just want to get out on the road without a care in the world, and typically that’s fine. But today, we have a few apps that will make your journey stress free and enjoyable! PackPoint Are you hiking? Travelling with a baby? Going for a splash? PackPoint has your back. With so many … Continued

Great escape into the outback

There’s nothing like a road trip in the Australian outback to escape the everyday. Pack up the caravan and head through wide-open plains to Broken Hill and the Central Darling region in New South Wales. Getting thereBroken Hill is an extraordinary touring destination: it’s about a 13-hour drive from Sydney, 11 from Canberra and nine … Continued

Australia Day in your home state

With the first month of 2021 nearly over, what better way to celebrate than another long weekend? Exploring our great nation truly celebrates the Australian spirit, and you all know by now that we at Caravanning Australia are here to help when it comes to choosing the best holiday destination for you! Here are our … Continued

Get the most out of the Coral Coast

Heaven is a place on earth – and it’s called the Coral Coast! Known for its delicious seafood offerings and natural wonders, this Western Australian region is perfect for summer high jinks. Swim with whale sharks, traipse through wildflower trails and reconnect with nature at its best. Dive in with some of Caravanning Australia’s Coral … Continued

New Year’s Eve in your home state

It’s time to ring in the new year and say goodbye to the rollercoaster that was 2020. After a year filled with cancelled travel plans, many around Australia are able to travel out of their home states and see another side to our glorious country. Whether you’re hopping on a plane, heading on a road … Continued

Keeping cool during summer

Make sure you have the right equipment for all of your camping trips this summer! Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you embark on your journeys. Stay in the shade A tarp can be a versatile and useful camping accessory – if camping in a tent, it can maximise airflow and protect … Continued

Concealed coastlines

Australia is home to more than 10,000 beaches, which can present quite the dilemma for travellers: which one to choose? Going to the beach is an Aussie tradition, but that can mean big crowds and lots of noise. Caravanning Australia has put together some of the country’s more obscure (but no less lovely) beaches for … Continued

South Australia’s coastal wonderland

Traversing more than 700 kilometres, the Yorke Peninsula will engulf you in (almost) never-ending coastline. From kicking back on a holiday shack where the beach is at your fingertips, to feeling the sand between your toes as you walk on that same beach – and that fresh salty breeze in your hair! This is just … Continued

The Legendary Pacific Coast

Are you strapped in and ready to take on the Legendary Pacific Coast? This is a doozy of a drive and takes you through some of most idyllic seaside beauties within the Central Coast, Port Stephens and Northern Rivers region. Start in Sydney and drive for 1.5 hours until you reach Lake Macquarie, otherwise known … Continued

Victoria’s hidden gems

When Victoria’s back in full swing, there is no limit to exciting activities and places to explore. It’s a state filled with contrasts – cultural pursuits, fascinating history and heritage, and natural attractions that will take your breath away. It can be a little overwhelming, so Caravanning Australia is here to help. Here are some … Continued

Christmas in your home state

After a year filled with restrictions and altered plans, the Christmas holidays are definitely a welcomed respite. Some intrepid travellers may be heading interstate (restrictions permitted) for a well-deserved break, while others may be staying on their home soil. If you’re sticking to exploring your home state, we’ve got you covered with these destinations, which … Continued

How heavy is your four-wheel drive?

Hitting the road in a four-wheel drive and seeing where it takes you is one of the best ways to see Australia. Having an overweight four-wheel drive can, however, make or break your trip – a lot of people aren’t aware of how important it can be to have a four-wheel drive that meets weight … Continued

Accessorise your trip

Caravanning is the ultimate way to explore our beautiful country – just you, your caravan and the wide-open road. It’s worth thinking about the right accessories to make your trip a safe and comfortable one. Investing in the right gear is a step towards investing in many successful road trips in the future. Here are … Continued

Explore the Gippsland Coastal Discovery

The Gippsland Coastal Discovery has a wealth of sights to see and things to explore, taking you along a route renowned for its natural beauty. With lots of wildlife, such as penguins, koalas and emus, and its proximity to seaside activities, you’ll be glad you’ve left the city behind for this memorable journey! Walhalla is … Continued

Uncork Australia’s best drops

Thirsty for a cracking chardonnay? A piquant pinot gris? A tasty tempranillo? Once restrictions are eased, wineries are the perfect places to unwind in with a glass of your favourite plonk! Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s top recommendations for any travelling wine aficionados. Riverland, South Australia Surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs, this is the … Continued

A pick of the best

With cherry and harvest season in full swing in New South Wales, it can be overwhelming to decide which spots to go to. Relax against a scenic backdrop of rolling hills. Enjoy spring as the orchards bloom with cherries, citrus and stone fruit.  Enjoy a sip in ancient wine country. Don’t worry, Caravanning Australia has … Continued

Adventure along the Arnhem Way

For the adventurous at heart, the Arnhem Way is the way to go. Beginning in Katherine and finishing in Nhulunbuy, it’s a route that will take you through sacred Aboriginal land, pristine beaches and stretches of unspoilt country. Be prepared and make sure that you book the appropriate permits for your planned itinerary, as these … Continued

National Parks: Tasmania

Tasmania’s national parks look like they were lifted from a painting, replete with lush forests, panoramic views and rugged peaks. It makes it the perfect state to visit next in our ‘National Parks’ series. Rich in biodiversity and untouched beauty, you’ll come away from these national parks with lifelong memories. Here are some of Caravanning … Continued

The Big Lap Part 11

As they say, all good things must come to an end, so this edition, we’ve brought you the last part of Australia’s iconic Big Lap. Broome to Port Hedland 598 kilometres While this journey is long, you’ll be rewarded on your drive with the delights of Eighty Mile Beach, the longest uninterrupted beach in Western … Continued

Caravanning from the back seat: The unknown town on the Great Ocean Road – Kennett River edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back-seat feature. From Torquay to Apollo Bay to Warrnambool, the Great Ocean Road has loads of awesome towns but some just don’t get enough recognition. A town that is definitely worth a night’s stay, but gets nowhere near as much hype as it deserves … Continued

Let’s get back to basics!

There’s nothing better than a camping trip to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Packing is an important part of planning any trip but are you bringing along too many things? Nowadays there are so many gadgets and camping add-ons out there, but you can end … Continued

National Parks: Victoria

Caravanning Australia continues our ‘National Parks’ series, this time in Victoria. This state boasts some of Australia’s best national parks, with daytrip, overnight and longer camping options. From snowy peaks to eucalypt forests to beach walks, there is plenty of adventure to throw yourself into. Here are Caravanning’s picks (a hard task with so many … Continued

Western Australia’s Wheatbelt wonders

From July to December each year, Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region is lit up with one of nature’s most beautiful displays – wildflowers bloom in all varieties and colours. This part of Australia is home to more than 12,000 species, 60 per cent of which are endemic to the state. Here are some wildflower spots to … Continued

Get your caravan fitted out with the right gear

Australia is one of the most beautiful places to travel in a caravan, with lots of untouched wilderness and stunning natural sights to see. Camping has never been more comfortable, safe and easy with lots of gear developments out there. With so many options to choose from, it can be a challenge to work out … Continued

Spring is in the air

In response to the pandemic, the Floriade festival is moving out of its traditional home in Commonwealth Park, to more than 130 locations all across Canberra. Dubbed Floriade: Reimagined, the festival combines in-person and virtual experiences to present a fresh take on the iconic spring celebration. With the flowers blooming after a long and hard … Continued

Travelling safely during COVID-19

After months of restrictions and lockdowns, Australians are keener than ever to explore this amazing country. But it’s important to stay safe with a few simple precautions so that you can travel with your mind at ease. Staying on top of cleaning and taking extra measures means that you can help prevent the spread. Here … Continued

Go back in time on the Heritage Highway

Winding from Launceston to Hobart, the Heritage Highway traces the path of convict history in the early 1800s. Steeped in history, beautiful nature and many sights to see, the route is a dive into the past for visitors curious about Australia’s colonial history. The route is only a two-hour drive if you drive straight from … Continued

Inside Australia’s haunted attractions

Australia is well known for its beautiful beaches, unparalleled natural beauty and vast spaces. It also happens to be home to some of the most haunted places in the world – from creepy mansions to eerie jails. Let Caravanning Australia guide you through some other-worldly destinations that will give you the chills. Port Arthur, Tasmania … Continued

Eclectic experiences

Broken Hill and the Central Darling region possesses a rugged charm that makes it an endless source of travel inspiration. If you’re looking for a different kind of outback, look no further for stunning landscapes and unique personalities. Here are some suggestions to get you dreaming about your next outback adventure. Art in the outback … Continued

National Parks Series: Queensland

Australia is home to an abundance of phenomenal national parks, ranging from rainforests to beachside landscapes. Caravanning Australia has highlighted the wonders of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory and now we’re onto the next glorious state. Queensland doesn’t disappoint and its national parks are some of the most renowned in the country. … Continued

Caravanning from the back seat: How to beach day the right way

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature. Coronavirus hasn’t been great at all for both national and international travelling. Along with places in heavy lockdown, non Covid affected areas are still feeling the repetitive nature of this troubling time. I’ve found beaches are the best way to have … Continued

First road trip series: Travelling with pets

So, you’re close to setting out on your first adventure across the country but something’s missing – your trusted companion! Taking your four-legged friends along for the ride will be an unforgettable experience but there are precautions that need to be taken. Here are Caravanning Australia’s top tips for travelling with your furry friends. Plan … Continued

National Parks Series: Northern Territory

So far, we’ve travelled to Western Australia and South Australia to explore their renowned national parks – now, join us as we head to the Northern Territory. Countless international tourists visit the Northern Territory every year to explore its profound nature wonders, and with international travel halted, Australians should continue to travel to these phenomenal … Continued

Caravanning from the back seat: 5 new gadgets for travelling that your family has to have

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature. Every traveller’s worst nightmare is under packing! I know from experience after a 10-hour drive just finding out you forgot to pack clothes or camping equipment is super frustrating. Below are 5 new gadgets 2020 has brought us that you should … Continued

Caravanning from the back seat: Margaret River edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature. Margaret River is a beach lover’s dream destination. Enjoy the warm waters of Western Australia, the epic Margaret River Pro in April and the glorious fishing spots. Below are some of Margaret River’s most kid friendly attractions and even a secret … Continued

Australia’s quirkiest locations

From gnome colonies to underground curiosities, many places of the weird and wonderful variety can be found in our very own backyard. Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s top Australian locations that break the mould. William Ricketts Sanctuary Mount Dandenong, Victoria In the idyll of the Dandenong Ranges among its towering pines and lush ferns … Continued

Your first road trip: Budgeting for a trip

The next stop on the ‘Your first road trip’ series is an essential component – budgeting. While this may not seem as exciting as brainstorming locations to visit, budgeting correctly will help get you to these glorious destinations. Here are Caravanning Australia’s top tips on budgeting correctly for your first road trip: Prioritise your trip … Continued

National Parks: South Australia

With international travel at a standstill, exploring Australia will be a must do for Australians looking for their travel fix. Australia has a diverse range of natural landscapes yearning to be explored. Visiting national parks is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the beauty that Australia has to offer. Here are Caravanning Australia’s top … Continued

Silver screen destinations in Australia

We Australians take pride in our picturesque landscapes, diverse locations and welcoming communities. Hollywood has taken notice over the years, using our phenomenal land as a backdrop for their big budget productions. Have you noticed Australia in any of your favourite films? Some of these locations may surprise you! Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh … Continued

Planning an eco-friendly road trip

Purchasing an environmentally friendly vehicle can be quite pricey – and you also run the risk of not locating a charging station in time while on an adventure. Shrinking our carbon footprint while on road trips can positively benefit the world but the costs can be quite high. There are changes that are easy to … Continued

National Parks: Western Australia

Australia is home to an abundance of diverse national parks that are filled with phenomenal natural landscapes. From rainforests and flowing waterfalls to hidden gorges and cliff faces, many can be found in the national parks in your home state or territory. Caravanning Australia sheds light on which national parks to visit with our newest … Continued

Your first road trip: Caravanning fails

Planning your first domestic road trip can feel daunting, so advice from seasoned travellers can always bring comfort. Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s favourite contributors to give some insight into things to avoid: Beach driving: @_dontwannagohome_ ‘Sure, it’s exciting to drive on beaches and it’s even better waking up in the morning, taking one … Continued

Explore your state: Tasmania

In our last state for this series, we dive into Tasmania’s beautiful landscapes. Did you know that almost half of Tassie’s land mass consists of national parks and World Heritage Areas, with misty peaks and flowing rivers? Fittingly shaped like a heart, Tasmania has a lot for travellers to fall in love with, especially after … Continued

Caravanning around Australia: essential tips from Carasel Towbars, the Aussie towbar experts

Written by Lauren Thomas. Whether you’ve been caravanning for years or you’re thinking about adding one into your life, these helpful tips will ensure your next caravanning holiday is safe and hassle-free. Purchasing a caravan is an exciting thing, especially when it means travelling around Australia with your family, friends and loved ones. While it’s … Continued

Explore your state: Victoria

With mountains to climb, beaches to lounge on and waterfalls to gawk at, Victoria is replete with gorgeous sights and destinations. While Victorians are still restricted to travelling, it’s never too early to start dreaming. Make lasting memories on the road with some of Caravanning Australia’s recommendations for your next adventure. Snobs Creek Falls, Eildon Just … Continued

Your first road trip: Advice from seasoned travellers

Are you ready to get on the road and tackle your first caravanning journey? When planning your first road trip, advice from well-travelled voyagers is golden. Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s favourite contributors with their key advice for newcomers on the road. Travelling with pets: @4xpaw_crew ‘Travelling Australia with dogs is becoming easier – … Continued

Explore your state: New South Wales

Get excited to travel in the beauty of New South Wales – regional travel is back on the cards and we know you’re itching to hit the road. With natural beauty in bucketloads, what are you waiting for? Load up your caravan and make sure you check out some of Caravanning’s favourite spots off the … Continued

Your first road trip: How to plan

Welcome back to the second installment of Caravanning Australia’s ‘Your first road trip’ series. Head over to Part 1 to learn more about towing a caravan, which is essential to a safe journey. Going with the flow is a welcome pastime for seasoned travelers, but for first timers, planning your journey is the safer option! … Continued

Explore your state: Queensland

With eased restrictions on the horizon, caravanners across the state can rejoice at the opportunity to enjoy the sea, sand and surf that Queensland is famed for. In addition to its coastal delights, there is also volcanic country and lush scenery steeped in Aboriginal culture. Here are some of Caravanning’s top tips on how to make … Continued

Explore your territory: Northern Territory

Abundant with untouched beauty, unique Australian flora and fauna, and winding waterways, the Northern Territory is an incredible caravanning region. The recent relaxation of travel restrictions means that you can lose yourself in the heart of the Australian outback. Caravanning Australia has some hot tips for how to make the most of your outback adventure.  Mataranka … Continued

Caravanning from the back seat: WA Hidden gems

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back-seat feature. Whether it’s the city or the laid-back countryside, Western Australia always calls for a good time. With many popular destinations, some of the lesser known attractions become overshadowed. Below are three hidden gems located in WA that are perfect for families. Fremantle … Continued

Your first road trip: Towing a caravan

With domestic travel gearing up and international trips placed on the back burner, now is the perfect time to start planning your Australian caravanning journey! Planning a caravanning trip can be daunting to begin with, and that’s why Caravanning Australia is here to help. Welcome to our newest blog series, ‘Your first road trip’, where … Continued

Explore your state: South Australia

Known for its breathtaking sinkholes, playful wildlife and picturesque landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, there are plenty of adventures awaiting you in South Australia. With the easing of restrictions to allow for regional travel, it’s the perfect time for South Australian to get out and explore their state. Not sure … Continued

Inland NSW

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about New South Wales? It’s easy think about the impeccable coastline but what about what’s inland? Caravanning Australia has you covered with a few places to visit in the heart of New South Wales. Ned Kelly Raid Trail, Jerilderie For any Ned Kelly enthusiasts, … Continued

Baby it’s (getting) cold outside

It’s that time of year again – we’ve said goodbye to the warm summer nights and are welcoming in winter. While it may be colder outside, it doesn’t mean that travelling can’t be done! Here are a few of our top tips for surviving the cold when on the road. Preparation Undertaking a thorough check … Continued

The Big Lap Part 10

We’re getting closer and closer to our major destination Broome! Welcome back to Part 10 of Caravanning Australia’s Big Lap. We have now entered Western Australia after an adventurous trip through the Northern Territory. If you missed out, read through Part 9 first and then meet us back here – you won’t want to miss … Continued

Murray River Adventures – Part 3

Welcome to the final leg of our trip along the Murray River. Part 1 saw us exploring Albury–Wodonga and heading towards Echuca, and Part 2 took us to beautiful Swan Hill. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy as we saunter along towards Mildura.   Swan Hill to Mildura 264 kilometres, three hours and 30 minutes … Continued

What the new travel restrictions mean for your state

As restrictions are easing across the country, travel dreams have been reignited. A simple weekend escape can make all the difference for caravanning, camping and travel lovers. With all the news circulating about which restrictions are being lifted across the country, it can be difficult to pinpoint what can be done in your state. Caravanning … Continued

Nothing but the Best in the South West

The Western Australian coastline is full of beautiful scenery, history and culture to explore. Autumn is the perfect time to rug up, enjoy the scenery as it deepens into rich, warm tones and savour some delicious wines.   If you’re looking for an adventure, look no further! Margaret River: Margaret River is home to one … Continued

Towing hints and tricks for caravanners

Travelling in a caravan is a phenomenal way to tick your dream destinations off your bucket lists, but preparation and practice is key! Here are some tips and tricks for towing a caravan: Assessing the weight Kerb weight relates to the overall weight of the vehicle, driver, fuel tank and oil. Understanding the weight is … Continued

South Australian Outback Adventure – Part 2

Welcome back to our three-part outback adventure, where we travel to the Flinders Ranges and Explorers Way. Part 1 detailed our trip from Adelaide to Hawker and the onto the remarkable Flinders Ranges. Keep reading to find out where we head to next! Day Three: Coober Pedy Say goodbye to the Wilpena Pound Resort bright … Continued

Murray River Adventure – Part 1

Caravanning Australia is back with another travel guide, dedicated to the famous Murray River. Follow us on our journey from Albury–Wodonga to Mildura in our three-part series. One of Australia’s longest and most prolific rivers, the Murray River has been an integral part of Australian history for thousands of years. The first custodians named it … Continued

South Australian Outback Adventure – Part 1

Ready for an outback adventure? Caravanning Australia has you covered! In our three-part blog series, we will dive into the heart of Australia and take a trip to the Flinders Rangers and Explorers Way. Day One: Adelaide to Hawker Travelling along the Princes Highway towards Hawker, the trip will be an estimated 404 kilometres, around … Continued

Caravanning from the backseat: Halls Gap Edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature. One of the most exciting towns to visit in Victoria Is Halls Gap! From sandstone mountains, to amazing wildlife such as wallabies and echidnas, Halls Gap is an iconic destination located in the Grampians. The Grampians are filled with beautiful views … Continued

The Big Lap Part 7

Welcome back to Part 7 of Caravanning Australia’s The Big Lap – if you haven’t read Part 6, go back and catch up. We’ve just finished up in Townsville, Queensland and we’re continuing the journey towards Broome. So, stick around because the next few parts are going to be quite an adventure. We’ve said our … Continued

Supporting Australia

Though we’re only three months into 2020, our country has experienced catastrophic weather and health events like never before. With the fires, drought, flash flooding and now a global health pandemic, it can feel as though it’s been one hit after another. The silver lining with all of these events is that in times of … Continued

Supporting Australia: Nymboida

As part of our new feature Supporting Australia, guest writer Julie Martyn travelled to the rural town of Nymboida, New South Wales. Something very special is happening in Nymboida. About 30 kilometres southwest of Grafton, New South Wales, this little hamlet nestled among the mountains is raising itself from the ashes, literally. Its cafe faces … Continued

Darwin bucket list

Have you ventured to the Top End? While it may seem far to those who live in other capital cities, the beauty of Darwin is not to be missed. From historical artefacts to natural wonders, Darwin will be unlike any other adventure you’ve taken. We’ve broken down a few sights that must be seen while … Continued

Australia’s Coral Coast

Who’s ready for a road trip? The Australian Coral Coast stretches an astonishing 1,110 kilometres, which for some can feel quite daunting. Here at Caravanning Australia, we want to help break down the best destinations to visit along the Coral Coast, as it is an Australian treasure that needs to be seen! Hutt Lagoon The … Continued

Let’s be safe this summer season

A guide to understanding the warning signs around fires As we hit the halfway point of summer, we need to be mindful of the dangers that are still present. Our country’s long-running bushfire threat is still imminent, which means preparation is key. For avid travellers who are roaming for the rest of the summer period, … Continued

Take the drive: Queensland’s Barcoo Way

What better way is there to explore south-west Queensland than by following the Barcoo River? This epic road trip will take you through some picturesque scenery into towns that are bursting with history and culture. This journey begins in the town of Tambo, the oldest town in Central West Queensland and the closest to the … Continued

Gear up for the CREB Track

Queensland’s steepest and most challenging drive is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to weave through pristine rainforest and jagged, muddy terrain in this incredible off-road adventure! Cairns to Daintree Our journey starts in Cairns, where you will embark on a 110-kilometre journey up the coast towards the small town of Daintree. Spend the … Continued

Trekking through South Australia

What better way to explore the diverse native flora and fauna of South Australia than by lacing up your boots and heading out on a hike? Journey through rugged coastlines on clifftops, trek through red dirt and bushland, and take in the views of the state’s stunning scenery! Beginner Hikes The Mount Barker Summit Walking … Continued

Do it the Pacific Coast Way

From World Heritage–listed tropical rainforests, to award-winning beaches and islands, the Pacific Coast Way is Queensland’s ultimate seven-day road trip. Gold Coast to Brisbane Boasting 70 kilometres of pristine coastline, be sure to take advantage and spend a day (or two!) relaxing on one of the Gold Coast’s spectacular beaches. If you’re looking to stretch … Continued

Top tips for your next adventure

Handy hacks to amplify your travel experience. Get organised A great way to ensure you’ve packed all the essentials is to keep ‘caravan copies’. Keeping copies of the objects and resources that are important to you means you’re less likely to leave them behind at home. Always eat your toast with Vegemite? Then be sure … Continued

Western Australia’s top national parks

Six of the best national parks in Western Australia – in no particular order, of course! Cape Le Grand National Park If you ask us, Cape Le Grand National Park may be one of the best national parks in the country, let alone the state. I mean, where else do you get to see kangaroos … Continued

Top 10 most photographed views in New South Wales

Professional photographers and snap-happy enthusiasts alike rejoice in some of New South Wales’s most impressive natural landscapes. Olney State Forest Just over an hour south-west from Newcastle, you’ll find the Olney State Forest. Nestled in the heart of the Central Coast’s Watagan Mountains, Olney State Forest is a picturesque haven shrouded in looming pines and … Continued

From drab to fab

Life on the road doesn’t have to be limited to the basic necessities. Take some time to spruce up your caravan, so you can live a life of luxury no matter where you park. Keep your cool Nothing says comfy and cosy like knowing that no matter the weather, you’re going to be comfortable and … Continued

A guide to the Freycinet Peninsula

Explore the coastal paradises and calming landscapes of the Freycinet Peninsula and surrounds. Named after French explorer Louis de Freycinet, who sailed through the area in the 1800s, the Freycinet Peninsula can be found on Tasmania’s east coast, overlooking the Tasman Sea. South of Launceston and only 2.5 hours from Hobart, the Freycinet Peninsula has … Continued

Travelling on the (South West) Edge

Experience the spectacular wine and breathtaking natural landscapes of Western Australia’s South West region. Ferguson Valley Approximately two hours from Perth is the Ferguson Valley. With a stunning backdrop of rolling, green hills, serene farmland and native bushland, the Ferguson Valley provides an atmosphere that doesn’t overwhelm. Home to more than a dozen vineyards, the … Continued

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