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Discover history along the Adventure Way

Discover history along the Adventure Way

Stretching all the way from Brisbane in Queensland to Innamincka in South Australia, the Adventure Way is an iconic Australian trade route famously used by Cobb & Co during the 19h century to transport mail, cargo and thousands of emigrants eager for success on the goldfields. Roads were bumpy and unsealed, making any journey by horse-drawn coach long and uncomfortable. Today, thousands of Australians make the journey by car, which is not only much more comfortable, but also gives visitors the chance to take in some of the rich historical sights along the way.

Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway

Go for a ride at the Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway in Ipswich. This heritage train has been operated by an enthusiastic group of volunteers since the 1970s. Ipswich is one of the oldest provincial cities in Queensland, and horse-drawn tours are also available for an authentic historical experience.

Cobb & Co Museum

In Toowoomba, Queensland’s garden city, the Cobb & Co Museum is home to a huge variety of exhibits, including a wild animal exhibition, hands-on workshops and, of course, the National Carriage Collection, featuring 45 original carriages, wagons, buggies and coaches that played a vital role in the development of Australia.

Steve Margaritis’ carved emu eggs

Saint George is home to another historical treasure: artist Steve Margaritis’ personal collection of hand-carved emu eggs. Steve has been carving eggs for more than 40 years and his precise artistry has inspired visitors for years. Towards the end of the Adventure Way, when you reach Thargomindah, you’ll have travelled more than 1000 kilometres from Brisbane. Thargomindah is where you’l find the Burke and Wills Dig Tree. When you reach Innaminca, it’s worth pausing for a moment to think about the ground you’ve just covered, and how different your experience would have been had you been travelling in a horse-drawn cart.

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