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Do it your way on the Indian Ocean Drive

Do it your way on the Indian Ocean Drive

Soak up summer along Western Australia’s Turquoise and Coral coasts. Think: an ocean oasis full of water sports, lazy beach days and melt‑in‑your‑mouth seafood. What more could you want?

Western Australia’s spectacular landscape is a feast for the eyes. Coast to canyon, desert centre to tropical north – no matter where you are out west, you’re bound to admire the view. For those wanting to explore all that Western Australia’s vast coastline has to offer, then the Indian Ocean Drive is calling your name. Whether you tackle this trip in a short multi-day sprint, or slow the pace and absorb the beachside towns over a week, you’re bound to be in awe. Here, bright-blue waves roll against the white, sandy shorelines, and terracotta soil lines the winding highway, making for some picture-perfect views. The Indian Ocean Drive is a bucket-list must-do for just about anyone. Adrenaline junkies can splash around in the waves, nature lovers can admire the ancient landscape, foodies can enjoy some of the freshest seafood in the world, and history buffs can explore wartime ruins.

As we bid goodbye to metropolitan Perth, prepare to gear up for a coastal escape characterised by jaw-dropping scenery and pristine beaches. While photos of this area seem too good to be true, head 90 minutes north of Perth and you’ll realise there’s no Photoshop involved. The first stop on our journey is the town of Lancelin. Here, the sand is so white that it could easily pass for snow – the only giveaway being the beach towels and eskies painting the dunes on an ideal summer day. The laid-back locals and gentle shores are much like the town itself: relaxed and Zen-like – a perfect welcome to the coast.

Enjoy a peaceful day by the water, where dolphins are known for making appearances and fishing is abundant; or get your blood pumping with an adventure on the sand. A day on the dunes is the next best thing for winter bunnies missing the feel of crisp, crunchy snow beneath a set of skis or a snowboard. Sand boards are available for hire or purchase in town, while quad bike tours are on offer for those who want to go rogue on a rugged, off‑road experience across the dunes. Once you’ve stopped finding sand in your shoes and in your caravan (which may take a while, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!), then it’s time to hop back in the car and head further north. Travel 85 kilometres up the highway and you’ll find yourself in Cervantes. The town serves as a great base from which to explore the region’s natural wonders, marking the start of the state’s Coral Coast and serving as a gateway to the Pinnacles Desert.

This is just a sneak peek! To read about the rest of the journey, check out the Summer 2022–2023 edition of Caravanning Australia.

Image: Jurien Bay (C) Tourism Western Australia

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