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Don’t let winter keep you off the road

Don’t let winter keep you off the road

While it might be tempting to bundle the caravan into the garage, shut the curtains and retreat indoors, the benefits of travelling in winter are well worth braving the cold: the roads are quieter, the air more refreshing, and when the sun rises over the stony mountains, it brings with it an atmosphere quite unlike anything else. Here are some tips to keep your winter travels as warm as possible.

Invest in a pair of thick curtains
Windows are a part of your caravan that is easy to overlook, but they are also one of the prime culprits for letting the heat out. Buying or making your own pair of thick curtains is a simple way to add another layer of insulation between you and the outside world, and they are essential for keeping the caravan warm at night. For more protection from the cold, try applying felt weather-stripping or window-sealing tape over window joins.

Put a rug in your caravan
Not only will they give your caravan a cosier feeling, carpets and rugs are also known to improve air quality and reduce noise.

Make the most out of your caravan’s oven
When the rain is trickling down your windows, there’s no more enjoyable way to get warm and cosy than by baking something in the oven. Using the oven achieves two things at once, providing you with a toasty home-cooked meal and heating your caravan at the same time, in turn minimising energy expenditure.

Buy a portable gas heater
Portable gas heaters are a great option for when a fire isn’t possible. Heaters fuelled by disposable gas canisters are lightweight and portable, allowing you to set up camp anywhere. Portable gas heaters are also a practical option for anyone hoping to travel lightly. It is, however, vital to note that portable heaters should not be used inside tents or caravans, as doing so risks being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

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