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Entertainment on road trips

Entertainment on road trips

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our ‘By kids for kids’ feature.

Long trips in cars can be unbearable at times without anything to do. From personal experience, as someone who’s been on many road trips with a family of five and without entertainment, everyone in the car tends to become restless, annoyed and extremely bored.

 Below are four cheap ways to entertain kids on road trips.

Portable DVD Players/ Tablets

Being cramped in a car is always frustrating, especially for kids wanting to move around. Movies are a great way to let energetic kids relax and be entertained. An easy and cheaper way to provide this is with a portable DVD player. Portable DVD players are affordable, convenient, wireless and full of entertainment that’s easy to use. As long as you have several DVDs and headphones, you’re ready to use a portable DVD player. Tablets (iPad or Android devices) are also useful but are quite expensive. Before you leave on your trip, you can download games and movies from streaming services, to avoid using data along the way.

Car Games

Whether it’s “I spy” or “Packing for Paris”, car games are the best way to keep everyone busy at the same time. You can play these classic games, no matter where you are during your trip. Car games are always refreshing to play as it provides entertainment without using technology. The best part about car games is they cost absolutely nothing; all that’s needed is people. It’s also worth playing car games to make everything seem a little less repetitive along the journey.


There are endless options when it comes to cards. Whether it’s the Standard 52, Uno or your own personal favourite, be sure to bring them on your next trip. Cards are great for road trips as they are super easy to set up, don’t require much space, easy to play and super fun! Cards are also inexpensive, at around $5. I always bring the standard 52 deck as there are tons of games to keep my siblings and I entertained for longer. 

Audio Books/ Podcasts 

Audio Books are good for several reasons. Like me, you might not be able to read in the car without feeling nauseous and lightheaded. Audio books are a great alternative if you like to read. Download the free app Audible app to access tons of books ready to be listened to for a cheaper rate! Podcasts are great too, especially when you lose radio connection during your trip. There are millions of free podcasts available all on the podcast app catering too all preferences.

Make sure you don’t make your next road trip boring by using these useful entertainment ideas!

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