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Essential upgrades to your 4WD

Essential upgrades to your 4WD

So, you have your four-wheel drive and you’re planning the next adventure. Have you thought about upgrading your ride?

Long-range fuel tanks
On long-distance drives, plenty of fuel is an absolute necessity. Extra fuel must be carried safely and securely, so the use of long-range fuel tanks is beneficial. Do keep in mind though, the weight of the extra fuel ultimately burns more fuel, so factoring that in is essential.

Visibility when driving at night time is a crucial component of staying safe on your trip. Spotlights, LED light bars, rock lights, rear lights and adjustable lights are all options to choose from, depending on the locations. These types of lights can allow for further visibility on altered road conditions, late-night driving, rough terrains and when reversing.

Even though you own a four-wheel drive, its standard tyres are not intended for consistently rough terrain. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere with tyre problems! Tyres that have a ‘rough truck’ rating are unlikely to puncture. Remember to bring your spare and learn how to change them.

Recovery pack
You’d rather be safe than sorry! A shovel is a good place to start for minor recoveries, and a snatch strap is a must. The snatch strap is a 15-metre-long belt that has two strengthened hoops that attach to the recovery points. The recovery points are located in a variety of places depending on your four-wheel drive, and knowing the location of these recovery points will save you time and stress if it is needed along your journey. A second vehicle is needed for these types of recoveries, so make sure that you have located your recovery points beforehand.

While your four-wheel drive may be the size of a boat, it isn’t one! If it hasn’t been set up for water crossing, water that reaches higher than the axles is too deep. Snorkels are used to reduce the risk of the engine taking in water. This is used to avoid severe mechanical damage and to promote cleaner airflow to the engine.

These few modifications can help to alleviate stresses that can arise on your adventures. By taking these precautions, you can be fully prepared for the challenges that can be faced on your trip.

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