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Exercising your right to move!

Exercising your right to move!

Here are some exercises and activities for you to do on the road to prevent stiffness, injury, and help keep up your overall health and wellbeing:

Exercises in the car

This may sound silly, but simply flexing your muscles in the seat of your car while driving is surprisingly effective. While we only encourage you to do this while in the passenger seat or if there’s a clear bit of road ahead, you can do small muscle movements to keep the body fresh. For example, toe raises and calf raises are incredibly effective. The key to this is to do a large number of repetitions so that your body can really feel the burn – it may hurt temporarily, but it’ll be well worth it!

Quick breaks

When you’re stopping at a petrol station for fuel or a food store to top up supplies, this can be the perfect opportunity to do some more detailed exercises. For instance, if space permits, you can do walking lunges over a space of about 10 metres (five with each leg), or lunges on the spot if space is a bit compromised.

Squat holds are another fantastic exercise to do after a long drive. Lower your body as if you’re about to go to sit in a chair but hold the position and ensure that your toes are pointing outwards. Make sure that your knees are in line over your feet.

Longer breaks

Now, if you’re at a point in your trip where you’ve got an extended break – perhaps you’re staying overnight somewhere or having a bite to eat – then you can formulate an actual exercise program, which should be about 45 minutes long.

To start, you can do some push-ups and sit-ups. These are relatively easy in terms of form, but for push-ups, you will need to ensure your back is neutral and your stomach isn’t dipping to the ground.

Jump rope is another fantastic activity to get the blood pumping and the heart rate up – and the equipment needed is minimal, so it won’t take up too much room when you’re packing your belongings.

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