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Experience Tasmania’s boundless North-West

Experience Tasmania’s boundless North-West

Whether you’re a sun lover or a shade seeker, you can have the best of both worlds this summer in Tasmania’s north-west. Jump from your kayak on the aqua waters of a sunny beach before walking up lush mountains on bushwalks shaded by curving trees and surrounded by waterfalls.


Sheffield is a nature fanatic’s dream. Set aside a day on your itinerary to climb Mount Roland. While it reaches more than 1200 metres in height, the walk to the summit is pleasant, with only gentle inclines. For a shorter walk, complete the Stoodley Forest Track, which takes up to an hour to complete. You’ll lose yourself among the pines, the Tasmanian blue gums and the beech trees – but you won’t get lost. Then, make your way to Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot – one of the largest maze complexes in the world, Tazmazia has eight mazes, and the model village is utterly charming.


In Ulverstone, go to the Round Hill Lookout, where the view from the lighthouse, which overlooks the harbour at Burnie, will leave you in awe. Next, take a picnic to Anzac Park by the Leven River before continuing to the Shrine of Remembrance with its interesting and quirky statues and clock tower. Visit the breeding colony of little penguins on the Goat Island Nature Reserve, or make the 45-minute drive out to Leven Canyon, with its four inviting bushwalks that range from 15 minutes to seven hours in duration.


A hotspot for summer in Tasmania, the Wynyard Waterfront and Boat Harbour Beach are great for swimming, kayaking and fishing. Head into town for a relaxing café visit and amble around the many second-hand shops. Taking a drive through Wynyard could never be tedious; idyllic small villages line the country roads.


A must-see destination in Smithton is the Allendale Gardens, with its eclectic rainforests, botanic gardens and walkways. Continue to the Lacrum Dairy – the area is known for its dairy. Taste the cheeses made at the factory, or watch a milking session in the afternoon. Finish the day at Cape Grim, which is anything but grim with its stunning coastline and views of the north-west islands of Tasmania.

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