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Explore a star-studded line-up

Explore a star-studded line-up

If you’re looking for your next celestial hit, then remote New South Wales is the place to be – it’s perfect if you want to indulge in astronomy or set up camp and marvel at the sky with a blazing fire. Here are some of the best spots for you to check out:

Broken Hill

If you want remoteness, then Broken Hill is your place. Situated 1100 kilometres west of Sydney, the town is surrounded by never-ending outback desert, making it perfect for gazing into the night sky.

Blue Mountains

The clear skies in the Blue Mountains are magnificent. To complement this experience, the New South Wales State Heritage–listed Linden Observatory features some incredible viewing – all built by Ken Beames, a famous Australian telescope manufacturer. The site is operated by amateur astronomers and is typically used as an education centre – the passion they have to share is often unmatched!


What makes Warrumbungle so special for stargazing? Well, the night is so clear in this region that the Milky Way is completely visible in all of its celestial glory, allowing you to be fully immersed in the wonders of Warrumbungle National Park.


Only a six-hour drive from Sydney, and boasting a population of 3200, Coonabarabran is considered the ‘astronomy capital of Australia’. Among stargazing enthusiasts, this spot is considered the absolute best due to its clear air, high altitude and very low humidity.

For those of you who want to actually view the incredible night sky, Coonabarabran has a range of private observatories that offer very affordable sky shows – and they’re family friendly!

Pictured is Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Image courtesy of iStock: 1218078388

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