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Explore Tasmania’s West Coast on World Heritage Cruises

Explore Tasmania’s West Coast on World Heritage Cruises

In partnership with World Heritage Cruises

There’s nowhere on Earth like Tasmania’s West Coast. Rugged mountain ranges, remote World Heritage wilderness, and friendly locals make for one of Australia’s great road trips. At the end of that road trip is the small fishing town of Strahan. Nestled on the banks of Macquarie Harbour, Strahan is the gateway to both the wild Southern Ocean and the tranquil Gordon River, and there’s no better way to see both than with the locals.

Family-owned business World Heritage Cruises invites you to make yourself at home on their beautiful vessel, Harbour Master II, where you can enjoy a six-hour cruise exploring this unique environment.

During the cruise, you are treated to wonderful stories passed down from many generations of family members who have lived and worked in Strahan, Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River for over 125 years. You will hear about the rich history that has shaped the people and industries of the West Coast.

You will enjoy two fantastic, guided walks throughout the cruise – one at Sarah Island, which once had the reputation as the very worst, most brutal, and the most dreaded of all penal settlements. The other guided walk takes on a more serene tone as you wander among the ancient trees of Heritage Landing at the Gordon River, learning about the fascinating flora and fauna.

A delicious individually prepared lunch is served to your seat as you take in the sights of lush green temperate rainforest blanketing the glacial valleys that the Gordon River twists around. You will be mesmerised by the vivid reflections the dark tannin-stained water of the river offers.

Local family hospitality ensures you get a very authentic taste of the people and the landscape that makes Strahan, Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River a very unique and special place.

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