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Explore your state: Tasmania

Explore your state: Tasmania

In our last state for this series, we dive into Tasmania’s beautiful landscapes. Did you know that almost half of Tassie’s land mass consists of national parks and World Heritage Areas, with misty peaks and flowing rivers? Fittingly shaped like a heart, Tasmania has a lot for travellers to fall in love with, especially after restrictions lift and allow for regional travel. Explore the state with some of Caravanning Australia’s top suggestions. 

Maria Island National Park, Maria Island

Just off Tasmania’s east coast lies Maria Island, a haven for wildlife, with sky high cliffs and stunning bays. It also has the most well-preserved example of a convict probation station in Australia, which is now a visitor centre on the island. Check out the Painted Cliffs at Hopground Beach, shaped by water and wind into cliffs with swirling patterns. There is abundant marine life, best viewed by snorkelling or diving into these clear waters. 

Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Central Highlands

Part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the park is lush with alpine forests, lakes and craggy peaks. Hikers are rewarded with views of alpine lakes and incredible scenery. Hiking up to Solomons Throne is a popular option with visitors, as it’s a prime spot to see 360-degree views of the entire park and beyond to the Central Plateau and Cradle Mountain. Breathe in the crisp, clear air as you gaze upon the surrounding country, moulded by glaciers thousands of years ago.

Mole Creek Caves, Mayberry 

Go underground for a chance to see glow-worms, stalactites, stalagmites and reflection pools up close. The two main attractions are these caves: Marakoopa Cave and King Solomon Cave. Marakoopa boasts an impressive array of glow-worms and King Solomon Cave has an abundance of reflective calcite crystals, making it sparkle like the fictional King Solomon’s mines. Traverse through its network of passages and listen to the sound of underground creeks burbling – it’s a surreal experience. 

Pictured is Pool of Bethesda, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania.

Image courtesy of iStock-1154270776.

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