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Exploring fossils and caves

Exploring fossils and caves

Bush trails, caves and fossils are waiting to be adventured, while the incredible selection of wine and food that will make your mouth water is waiting to be devoured. So, without further ado, here are the highlights of this epic trip – we challenge you to find a part you won’t enjoy!

When New South Wales is mentioned, it’s only fitting that Sydney is spoken about in the same category. Start your trip in this wonderful city where you can explore the prestigious Australian Museum. This monolith of a museum showcases a wide range of Australian fossils to get you in the archaeology mood, while also putting on displays of flora and fauna that has been gathered for more than 200 years.

Jenolan Caves

Next stop, Jenolan Caves. We recommend an early start so that you can make the most of this destination. The journey to Jenolan Caves is quite narrow, windy and steep so please drive carefully, but you’ll be driving through the breathtaking Grand Arch – an appetiser for the main course. What’s the main course, you ask? Well, it’s the vast expanse of limestone caves waiting for you, which date back nearly 340 million years!


Once you’ve explored all the landscape has to offer, you can continue to Mount Panorama – the scenic loop used in yearly Bathurst events. There’s a reason this route is used at the elite level of motorsport – it’s challenging but also incredibly breathtaking. Once you reach the top of the 6.2-kilometre track, called Forrest Elbow, you will be greeted with sweeping views of the entire region. It’s almost like driving really fast is a bit of a waste when views like these can be enjoyed!

To cap off your trip, venture to the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. This establishment houses rare fossils and minerals that will tell you the story of Earth’s creation. It also features dinosaur eggs and a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton – pretty cool!

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