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Exploring the coast of New South Wales

Exploring the coast of New South Wales

What better way to spend the summer than venturing through some of New South Wales’s most iconic spots? Here are a few we highly recommend you check out throughout your journey.


The starting place on this beautiful trek is none other than the gold rush town of Cooma. Settled in the mid 1800s, this little town became the home of countless immigrants who arrived from Europe after the end of World War II.

The main reason that Cooma was the place of choice for immigrants all the way back in the 1940s was because of promised work on the prestigious Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme. As a result, it quickly became one of Australia’s very first multicultural towns.


Merimbula is a town full of festivals – although not at the moment given the current climate – and is riddled with beautiful orchids. For those who love fishing, there’s even fishing competitions throughout the year!

Despite the fact that there won’t be many festivals this year, Merimbula is home to some of the best watersport and food festivals that there is. Namely the Merimbula Malibu Classic, this event showcases sailing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddling. As for food festivals, the most prominent throughout the year is Eat Merimbula – we challenge you to do your best damage to all the food in sight!


Even though Narooma is known for its oysters, its charming seaside will make your jaw drop!

For those of you that err on the side of discovery, adventure and a cheeky photo opportunity, head to the Glasshouse Rocks and Pillow Lava. This landmark has been dated as old as 510 million years by the Geological Society of Australia and let me tell you, any photographs you capture will be absolutely timeless.


Despite its heavy industrial past, which the locals are very proud of, Moruya has become increasingly well known for its high-quality markets that are held in Riverside Park. Its markets are known for fresh food, music, local produce and arts and crafts you’ll want to throw your wallet at.

Further along, you can visit the prestigious Mogo Wildlife Park, which is famous for its rare and exotic pets like white lions, western lowland gorillas, southern white rhinos and so many more!

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