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First road trip series: Travelling with pets

First road trip series: Travelling with pets

So, you’re close to setting out on your first adventure across the country but something’s missing – your trusted companion! Taking your four-legged friends along for the ride will be an unforgettable experience but there are precautions that need to be taken. Here are Caravanning Australia’s top tips for travelling with your furry friends.

Plan ahead

You’ve started planning your itineraries (with the assistance of Caravanning Australia’s How to Plan feature LINK) but there is one crucial component that cannot be forgotten – assessing whether the caravan parks and campgrounds are dog friendly. When planning your accommodation, gauge whether the sites are dog friendly and if leashes are required. Many parks forbid animals to be left at the caravan park unattended, even inside caravans, so this may affect your plans throughout your adventure.

Cater to their needs

Remember to pack the essentials for your friendly companion to avoid any hiccups along the way. Adequate food, supplies, leashes, bedding and required medicines are all needed along your journey – all to make sure your pet is as comfortable as you are. Comfort items that have sentimental value to your pet should be brought along, if possible, as this can also alleviate any stresses of changing environment.

Make your pet comfortable

Pets may have negative memories associated with your vehicle as cars can often remind them of vet visits. Before heading on your memorable adventure, allow time for your pets to become comfortable in the car. Practicing this beforehand can allow for a smoother journey, and using treats to train them will also alleviate any stresses down the road. Restraining your animals in harnesses or travelling crates will allow for a safer trip, not only for the pets but also for the driver to avoid distractions. Laws vary state to state, with demerit points and fines on the cards for drivers who leave their pets unrestrained.

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