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Fit out your caravan to fit more in!

Fit out your caravan to fit more in!

Custom interior storage

Built-in custom storage is a worthwhile long-term investment for frequent caravanners that will make you the master of setting up and repacking your camp site. Particularly impressive are custom shelves fitted under beds, subdivided drawers to keep even the most breakable glasses from rattling, and lift-out compartments that blend seamlessly into walls. If you’re thinking of investing in custom storage, remember to think upwards! You’ll start to notice a lot of empty space that can be put to clever use with a custom shelf or overhead compartment

Custom toolboxes

Fitted toolboxes make the most of your boot and even the outside of your caravan or camper trailer, freeing up the interior for other items. From custom-made jerry can frames to generator boxes, you’d be surprised by just how precisely you can tailor your caravan’s organisation. Pole storage boxes for storing tent equipment enhance the safety of your caravan, while a wood box will provide a safe and dry place to store firewood. Underbody toolboxes can be tailored around spaces that are otherwise useless, while giving you swift access to tools in an emergency.

Portable and collapsible storage

Back inside your caravan, the insides of cupboard doors can – with the help of a hanging canvas shelf – become a handy place to store the torch, tools or cleaning equipment. Hanging storage racks and wardrobes are perfect for housing light items like linen and clothes that otherwise take up a lot of space and are difficult to access when stacked. Hooks are a solution for everything from towels to awkwardly shaped kitchen utensils.

Magnetic strips provide easy access to lightweight metal objects like tweezers, while hook and loop fasteners are another nifty way of fastening items safely to the wall or inside cupboards. Flat, under-bed plastic storage containers, often fitted with wheels and cheaply available, not only save you space, they also give you a useful hiding place for the chocolates and beer.

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