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For bike’s sake!

For bike’s sake!

Why you should be cycling on your caravanning adventures

Bike riding is a great way to stay fit and healthy when on the road. Combat long travel days with fidgety kids through the middle of nowhere by enjoying a quick bike ride off the beaten path, or simply wind down after a hectic day with a short ride in the quiet of nature. Not only will the exercise have you and your travel companions feeling more refreshed, but the endorphins will improve your mood, too!

Bike riding itself is a low-impact physical activity that has a range of health benefits. Cycling builds stamina and strength, and sees riders utilising all major muscle groups – making for a great muscle-building and toning workout. It’s also easy to tailor bike riding to suit all abilities and skills – from children’s training wheels and special road cycling bikes, to wheelchair-adapted bikes and mountain bikes. Depending on what you’re after, you can enjoy a high-intensity workout, or simply enjoy a gentle pedal with loved ones in some epic locations around Australia!

Bike riding can be both a means of saving money and saving the environment! It’s also an excellent way to explore the places you’re staying that may be too far to travel on foot, but too short to bother about unhitching the caravan trailer from your car’s tow bar. Bike riding ultimately forces you to slow down and enjoy the landscape in a way that can’t be done when in the car, and can lead to some pretty incredible experiences. By paying closer attention to the natural oasis around you, perhaps you might find a secret trail or enjoy a spot of birdwatching? Alongside this, you’ll be saving petrol and potential parking costs by opting to ride to a town’s local shops and nearby nature destinations, and you’ll be reducing your overall energy consumption.

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