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Four-wheel drive fit-outs

Four-wheel drive fit-outs

When you’re enjoying your holiday and soaking up the spirit of summer, it can be really frustrating to have to get back in the car for another resupply trip, to look for that one tool you didn’t have room for. This is why many four-wheel drivers are finding clever ways to maximise their storage space with a well thought-out fit-out.

Lockable roller drawers are a popular way to get the most out of your boot space without having to lift awkward bags and boxes. Although not the cheapest accessory, sliding drawers are a fantastic addition that will make camping a breeze. Slide-out stands for tables and barbecues are available, turning your humble four-wheel drive into a specialist campervan.

Roof and external luggage racks offer a less-expensive option, but be sure to rely on these only for light items, as it’s important to keep your vehicle’s centre of gravity low for the smoothest and safest drive.

If custom-made boot shelves are beyond your budget, a cargo barrier is a recommended compromise. In the event of a collision, loose items in your car can take on a force equal to the item’s weight multiplied by the speed at which you’re travelling, meaning that even the smallest item to come loose from your luggage could become a serious hazard.

For those who do a lot of beach driving, keep an eye out for shovel holders and brackets, which can be fitted to your vehicle’s roof rack. These contraptions provide a clever solution for carrying shovels, tent poles and tools. Side brackets are another good way of getting a bit of extra storage out of your vehicle, and can be used to house tools, leaving you maximal in-car storage spaces.

If you’re hoping to add a bit of luxury to your four-wheel drive, a roll-out awning is a handy addition. As well as your basic awning, extension awnings that zip down to ground level can be purchased for a reasonable price; or, if you’re determined to establish a mosquito-free zone on your next trip, consider a complete zip-up mesh room, where the sides of your awning zip down to form an enclosure. It’s also a great time-out room for anyone who gets on your nerves!

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