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Furry friends on the road

Furry friends on the road

Ready to bring your four-legged sidekick (or maybe something more exotic) on your next family holiday? Read on!

Caring for your pets

When travelling with your pets, it’s important to check on them and see if they’re feeling comfortable. Be aware that all the new sights, smells, animals, people and experiences can overstimulate your pet/s. They should have enough exercise, be kept entertained and never be left unsupervised.

Make regular stops every few hours to give them toilet breaks and, if you’re bringing a dog, make sure it gets a chance to exercise. Keep your animals safe by using a seatbelt restraint or a portable crate. Make sure that your pet/s are used to the crate and restraint, and do a few practise runs. If you find your animal is getting agitated while travelling, place a blanket or cover over their carry cage – this can help to calm them. Familiar items from home will also be soothing to your pet/s.

Petiquette 101

It’s important to be considerate of your fellow travellers – not everyone is an animal lover! Always keep your pet/s under control for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around you. Make sure that they are always restrained safely and comfortably. Wandering pets can get up to mischief, cause damage and scare fellow travellers. Loose pets can also be a danger to local flora and fauna. Also make sure that you check any destinations’ rules and regulations – don’t let your pet cause potentially irreparable damage. Equip yourself with poo bags for any little accidents and make sure that you leave every destination the way you found it.

Check out the Summer 2021–2022 issue of Caravanning Australia for a full checklist you can customise for your pet’s needs on the road!

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