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Get ready to go rogue with REDARC

Get ready to go rogue with REDARC

In partnership with REDARC.

REDARC is excited to launch its latest innovation in onboard control and monitoring, the TVMS Rogue. Featuring REDARC’s intuitive RedVision user interface, the TVMS Rogue is a game-changing vehicle management system that brings complete accessory control to your fingertips.

At just 25 millimetres thick, it’s the perfect accessory management solution for even the smallest nooks in your caravan, camper trailer or four-wheel drive set-up.

The TVMS Rogue sets an unprecedented level of control and automation, with 10 10-amp outputs for device control, including lights, fridges, pumps, heaters and fans. Featuring light dimming and timer functions, the TVMS Rogue gives you eight switch inputs, including toggle and push-button switches, allowing for integration with your caravan’s physical switches and dials. Two analogue inputs, compatible with most sensors, are also included to measure accurate tank or secondary battery voltage information.

When paired with the RedVision screen or smartphone app, your accessories can easily be switched on and off at will. RedVision also allows you to remotely monitor your caravan’s tank levels, as well as provide you with system diagnostics and firmware update notifications. When used with the Manager30 battery management system, the TVMS Rogue provides an accurate real-time state of charge, as well as power input and output information, and ambient temperature information.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, embrace a new level of caravan automation and management, even in the smallest spaces with REDARC’s new TVMS Rogue. Like all REDARC products, the TVMS Rogue is backed by nationwide support, including a hassle-free warranty, REDNetwork-certified installer network, and after-sales service to answer any questions.

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