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Heritage in the Heartlands

Heritage in the Heartlands

Join us as we explore some of Tasmania’s most significant historical attractions, nestled among the charming townships of the Heartlands.

Perth to Mole Creek

Perth was settled back in 1821 and is home to more than 40 historical buildings. If you’re looking to soak up all the history of the past 200 years, then drop by the local post office and pick up a map for the self-guided walking tour.

The drive from Perth to Mole Creek takes a little under an hour, but we’d recommend making a stop in the historical township of Longford along the way!

Mole Creek to Miena

First on the to-do list is a visit to Mole Creek Caves. Be sure to book ahead to enjoy a fascinating tour where you can learn all about these caves. From Mole Creek, there are a couple of routes that you can take on the way to Miena. We would recommend jumping back on the road towards Perth and then heading south once you hit Deloraine.

Miena to Bothwell

The small lakeside town of Miena is the perfect place to put your feet up and relax for a little while. Avid anglers will have plenty to keep them entertained on Great Lake, with trout fishing being very popular in the area.

From Miena, it takes around 40 minutes to drive to Bothwell, but we’d recommend taking a detour on the way. Taking this slightly longer route will see you pass through the Waddamana township. You’ll come across the Waddamana Power Station heritage site, where you can learn all about the Tasmanian history of hydropower.

Bothwell to Kempton

If you’re a whisky aficionado, you’re in for a treat in Bothwell. Just 10 minutes out of town is Nant Distillery and Estate, where you can pick up a bottle (or two!) of award-winning whisky. If you fancy soaking up a bit more history, pay a visit to the nearby Ratho Farm, which is home to Australia’s oldest golf course, dating all the way back to the 1830s.

Kempton to Oatlands

Another historical gem in Tasmania’s Heartlands, Kempton has settler history dating back to the 1820s. The town was originally a busy coaching stop, where weary travellers rested on their journeys. From Kempton, head north along Midland Highway and you’ll find yourself in Oatlands in just half an hour. 

Oatlands to Campbell Town

Oatlands is a history lover’s dream – the town is one of Tasmania’s oldest settlements and is home to more than 150 sandstone buildings. Much of the township was built by convicts, and a stroll through its streets provides a fascinating look into Australia’s past. Once you’ve had your fill of both breakfast and colonial history, hit the road and head north to Campbell Town.

Campbell Town to Evandale

First up, we’d recommend a visit to Red Bridge, a convict-built bridge that was constructed in 1838 and is the oldest surviving brick arch bridge in the country. Another must-visit spot for history lovers is convict-built Foxhunters Return, which has been standing in town since 1833.

Once you’ve explored Campbell Town, it’s time to hit the road and make your way to Evandale, which is known for being one of the best-preserved historical towns in Australia – and also for being home to the National Penny Farthing Championship!

Pictured is Outlands, Tasmania. Image courtesy of iStock: 176984572

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