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How to save energy on the road

How to save energy on the road

Save money and the planet this winter, without compromising on comfort!

Switch to solar

Solar power is a perfect way to power your appliances while you’re on the move or out and about exploring your surroundings. Either way, use the winter sun to your advantage and soak up those rays. There’s a huge range of different solar power options available for your caravan and camper, and the efficiency of your solar panels can also depend on the angle in which they’re positioned. We recommend doing your research to see what option might work best for you, your on-the-road lifestyle and your destination!

Have an eco-friendly shower

If you’ve got a shower in your caravan, then you should definitely consider switching your showerhead to an eco-friendly, low-flow option. These shower heads restrict the water flow without compromising on the quality of the pressure. Not only do they reduce your overall water consumption, but they also reduce the amount of wastewater generated. A conventional showerhead has an average flow of 25 litres per minute. With a three-star efficient showerhead, you can reduce this to just five litres per minute! And with less energy needed to heat the water, you’re reducing carbon emissions, too.

Light up with LEDs

Changing your lights over to LEDs is an excellent, easy way to save energy. LEDs are considered more efficient than regular lights as they are purely focused on creating light, while regular lights create both light and heat. Switching over your internal and external caravan lights reduces battery use when you’re off the grid. LEDs also last longer, meaning you don’t have to replace them very often.

For more energy saving tips and tricks, read the Winter 2022 edition of Caravanning Australia!

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