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Hughenden to Richmond

Hughenden to Richmond

Hughenden to Richmond

Hughenden is in dinosaur country; the town and the whole Flinders Shire are situated on the edge of what used to be a vast prehistoric inland sea. Once home to many terrestrial dinosaurs and marine reptiles, Hughenden now houses the Flinders Discovery Centre, where you can meet Hughie, a seven-metre-tall muttaburrasaurus, along with a wide range of fossils from the local area and around the world.

The town is also within close range of four national parks, including Porcupine Gorge National Park, which is known as ‘Australia’s Little Grand Canyon’. Here, you’ll find towering sandstone cliffs and deep waterholes – a stark contrast to the grassy plains of the surrounding area.

Along with the nearby towns of Richmond and Winton, Hughenden forms Australia’s Dinosaur Trail, a place where amateur paleontologists will feel like kids in a candy store. See the only evidence in the world of a dinosaur stampede – evocative footprints dating back to 95 million years ago – at Lark Quarry Conservation Park, located 110 kilometres south-west of Winton, or else head to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum to see the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.

Richmond to Julia Creek

Continue your journey into prehistoric history at Richmond, where the centre of attention is the award-winning museum known as Kronosaurus Korner. Here, you’ll meet Minmi, famous for being the country’s best-preserved dinosaur skeleton, and Penny, the Richmond pliosaur and one of the best skeleton fossils in the world.

Next, go fossicking at one of the free sites designated for fossil finds, and if you find something interesting, one of the museum’s curators will help you identify your find. While in Richmond, it’s great to also stretch your legs on the Heritage Walk in town, taking in the bougainvillea-lined streets, or take a stroll around Lake Fred Tritton. Fringed with sandy beaches, the lake area is a stellar spot to relax, and it’s equipped with a boat ramp, free barbecues and a playground to keep everyone happy.

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