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Inside Australia’s haunted attractions

Inside Australia’s haunted attractions

Australia is well known for its beautiful beaches, unparalleled natural beauty and vast spaces. It also happens to be home to some of the most haunted places in the world – from creepy mansions to eerie jails. Let Caravanning Australia guide you through some other-worldly destinations that will give you the chills.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

One of Australia’s most haunted places, Port Arthur had a reputation as one of the most hellish prisons in the entire British empire. There have been more than 2000 paranormal incidents recorded in the past two decades alone. The museum even has an ‘unusual occurrence form’ in case anyone wants to report a paranormal event.

Visitors and staff have reported cold spots, ghostly touches, apparitions, moving lights and distressing sounds. Sightings include children appearing in windows, poltergeist attacks, a weeping ‘lady in blue’ (the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth) and ‘a disembodied face’ in the dissection room under the surgeon’s house. Wails have been heard echoing from the separate prison, reportedly the cries of a young boy awaiting execution.

You can join the Port Arthur Paranormal Investigation Experience to do some ghost hunting, and maybe come away with some spooky stories of your own!

Warden Finnerty’s Residence, Coolgardie, Western Australia

John Michael Finnerty was the first resident magistrate of the Coolgardie goldfields. His house, commonly known as ‘The Residency’, is an excellent example of early Australian architecture, and it’s a popular destination with visitors who want to get an intimate look at what life was like back in the day.

The house was also reportedly haunted by a ghost cat! During the renovation of Warden Finnerty’s residence, curator Jack Tree felt something biting his ankles – but couldn’t see anything. He reported that it felt like being bitten by a cat or small dog. During the renovation, the flattened body of a cat was found under the building – once this was removed, there were no more reports of bitten ankles.

There have also been ghostly reports of Warden Finnerty’s wife, Bertha, being spotted in the parlour chair singing lullabies, the sound of babies laughing and splashing water. Pop down to see The Residency and you might have your own ghostly encounter!

Monte Cristo Homestead, Junee, New South Wales

Overlooking the town of Junee is the lone figure of the Monte Cristo Homestead – a house haunted by the tragedy and heartbreak of its previous owners. Built in 1884 by farm owner Christopher Crawley, his wife inherited the property when he died in 1910. She reportedly spent the rest of her life as a recluse before dying from a ruptured appendix. Visitors have reported feeling her ghost’s presence – a sensation of freezing cold air ‘falling like snow’ apparently indicates you’re in her company.

The house bore witness to multiple other violent events, which has contributed to it becoming the most haunted house in Australia. When the current owners, the Ryan family, moved in, they said that the house was lit up on arrival despite having no power. When they pulled up, the house’s lights apparently shut down abruptly. Chilling stuff!

You can stay the night here, tuck into a home-cooked meal and enjoy a ghost tour where the Ryan family will regale you with spooky tales. With a wealth of paranormal history, it’s a guaranteed spine-tingling experience.

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