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It’s time to explore WAnderland!

It’s time to explore WAnderland!

In partnership with Western Australia Museum (WAnderland).

Western Australia is full of hidden gems and unique adventures waiting to be explored. Housed in museums, visitors’ centres, cultural hubs, and historic buildings are items and objects that tell a tale of times gone by, showcasing the terrific history of Western Australia. WAnderland has opened a doorway to more than 220 collections of rare and remarkable items, with an itinerary builder to create your own bespoke journey of adventure. Here’s some of our favourites.

Australia’s Golden Outback
Explore a treasure trove of pastoral history through the Wheatbelt, with heritage machinery and tales of tough times. Visit Gwalia, a living ghost town in the Goldfields for an eerie experience, and see an impressive display of eclectic old dolls at Aunt Joan’s Dolly Mix in Esperance for an eye-opening encounter.

Australia’s South West
Explore the state’s whaling history at Albany’s Historic Whaling Station for an immersive and informative experience. Learn about the International Clown Convention that took over the streets of Denmark in the 1980s, and marvel over a message in a bottle that was written in 1924 and hidden in the wall of a Margaret River home.

Australia’s Coral Coast
Head to the Shark Bay Discovery Centre to discover the rich and fascinating cultural and natural heritage of the town. Geek out on science and aboriginal culture at the Gravity Discovery Centre before heading to Gwoonwardu Mia to discover a celebration of Aboriginal heritage and culture of five Gascoyne Aboriginal language groups.

Australia’s North West
Explore aboriginal experiences throughout the North West as you visit art galleries with pieces from local artists and hear some fascinating human stories. Head to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm to learn about the pearl lugging history of Broome and discover the Yu Family Historical Display, which is housed above a Chinese restaurant!

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