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It’s time to thrive and beach drive!

It’s time to thrive and beach drive!

The Great Beach Drive featured stunning beaches, pastoral national parks and jaw-dropping World Heritage–listed sites. If there’s one beach drive you do this summer, then we urge it to be this one.


Before you get underway and make your way to Rainbow Beach, we highly recommend making the most of your surrounds in Noosa. Picture-perfect wave beaches, bustling restaurant life and mesmerising walks along the sand, Noosa is exactly what you would picture when you think of ‘holiday mode’.

Rainbow Beach

We recommend getting up as early as your body will let you and exploring the Carlo Sand blow. While we understand that an early morning can be punishing to the best of us, the sunrise you’ll experience will be second to none. Why? Well, the Carlo Sand Blow is a ‘moonscape’ sand mass that covers about 15 hectares and gives those who are at the top expansive views of the coloured sands all around Rainbow Beach.

Fraser Island

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to enjoy more of the east coast of Fraser Island, so make sure you drive a little bit further north where you can roam and explore Lake Wabby, Eli Creek, the SS Maheno shipwreck and Indian Head. Further, we think it’s definitely in your best interests to gaze upon the wonders of Fraser Island from the air! That’s right – you can book yourself a tour of Fraser Island from above. We would love to see the look on your face when you see the abundance of character-filled wildlife, including humpback whales, turtles and dugongs.

Hervey Bay

Widely regarded as the whale watching capital of Australia, Hervey Bay also offers some of the world’s best fishing experiences. It’s also conveniently located, with a plethora of high-quality accommodation and dining options.

Whale watching season takes place between July and November, so you have quite a big window to get yourself to the Bay and witness a spectacle. A spectacle would be an understatement, too, as Hervey Bay is the only location along on the east coast of Australia where humpback whales take a detour from their usual course just so they can rest in calmer waters – how lucky are we? And for that reason, it’s incredibly worth spending a day here.

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