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Joining a caravan club

Joining a caravan club

Usually encompassing a group of caravanning enthusiasts comprising families with children, caravan clubs are your go-to place for everything caravans. Above all else, caravan clubs love a social event – and they’re usually all over the country! It gives old and new members the chance to mingle and share stories, and for those with the same interests to enjoy each other’s company.

Learn about new places

This sort of thing happens naturally when you spend time with other caravan owners. Conversations start about the caravan itself, then it flows into: ‘so, where have you taken it?’ Next thing you know, you’re hearing about their epic adventure and you catch yourself daydreaming about going there, too. Discovering somewhere new is half the fun, as well, as it gives you inspiration for your next getaway.

Family fun

The majority of caravan clubs often host social events that include a plethora of activities and entertainment that’s fit for the whole family. Some put up jumping castles, face paint stations and even feature live music! No matter the age, there’s something for everyone and it gives the entire family a chance to meet new people and exchange stories about their journeys!

Get more use out of your caravan

A lot of caravan club social events and meet-ups are actually in locations where you’ll need to take your caravan – how fitting is that? More often than not, these caravan rallies are held once a month and are held in different parts of the state you’re residing in, so you can use your caravan more than just for your pre-planned, once-a-year trip!

While the benefits are posted all over the internet and there is a wide range of different clubs you can join, we strongly urge you to do your own research first and foremost. There may be member limits with clubs, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one close to you. Consider your situation, do your research and get in contact with the club closest to you for thorough information.

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