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Keeping cool during summer

Keeping cool during summer

Make sure you have the right equipment for all of your camping trips this summer! Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you embark on your journeys.

Stay in the shade

A tarp can be a versatile and useful camping accessory – if camping in a tent, it can maximise airflow and protect you from any rainfall. A tarp can be strung between trees so that it provides shade while keeping you dry. Tarps can also be tied to caravans to provide outside shelter from the elements or to create an outdoor relaxation area.

Stay fresh with an esky

Eskies are essential when on the road, helping to keep food fresh and beers cool. They’re perfect for camping, boating, beach days, picnics and long nights by a camp fire. Invest in solid construction so that the esky can double up as a seat, and make sure that it has good thermal retention.

Take into consideration the size of the esky, as it needs to fit effectively inside your car. Narrow and smaller eskies are easier to lift without assistance, but on the flip side, larger eskies can fit more ice and generally are more efficient at cooling.

Sleep in comfort

Hot and balmy nights can result in tossing and turning, making it difficult to fall asleep. It’s worth getting a summer-weight sleeping bag or blanket to improve your sleep. Steer clear of sleeping bags made from cotton, which absorb moisture (including sweat and any surrounding humidity).

Polyester fleece makes a great material for hot nights – it’s cheap, easy to clean and light enough that it doesn’t create too much insulation. It also dries easily, which is useful if it gets soaked with sweat, rain or humidity. If a sleeping bag seems too warm for you, try a blanket made from this material, although if you don’t end up using your bag it will be a great pad to sleep on top of for some extra comfort.

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