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Kununurra: a wet season paradise 

Kununurra: a wet season paradise 

Content provided by Kununurra Visitor Centre.

Want to experience something new? Think you have seen it all? Been there, done that? Escaped the southern coldness of winter before and seen Kununurra in the dry season, when it’s a sunburnt-like country? 

Why not experience Kununurra as you never have before during the wet, green, waterfall season? 

After the rains, the waterways are topped up and the country comes alive! The region is a photographer’s delight, and whatever your age, Mother Nature will not disappoint during the wet season, with the ability to light up the evening skies with spectacular lightning shows. 

Fly over the Cockburn Ranges, Mitchell Falls, King George Falls and Purnululu National Park – the possibilities are endless, and you’ll wonder why it took you this long to experience Kununurra in the wet season. 

Prefer to have your feet firmly on the ground? Take a four-wheel driving tour to the Cockburn Ranges to watch the sprouting waterfalls when the mighty Pentecost River is raging. You’ll have the chance to spot crocs, view lagoons full of birds or even swim in your own waterhole. 

Lake Argyle is the biggest man-made reservoir in the Southern Hemisphere and fills up even more in the wet season, swelling up to 21 times the size of Sydney Harbour. 

Flying over Lake Argyle, you’ll get a sense of the sheer volume of water the dam wall holds back! You can also book a boat tour on the lake, or hire your own boat or kayak and explore at your own pace. 

Another place that is unrecognisable during the wet season is Purnululu National Park. The 360-million-year-old World Heritage–listed park gets a little freshen up with the rains, and the red beehive-like domes known as the Bungle Bungle Range shine at the first sight of rain. 

Ever seen a waterfall in Cathedral Gorge during the wet season? The gorge is a natural amphitheatre, and with private tours on offer you can have this place to yourself. You will experience a whole different perspective of Purnululu when the creek beds are full of water, and everything looks different after a little rain! 

Here at the Kununurra Visitor Centre, we can organise all of the above for you and much more. We can tailor-make an itinerary to suit any visitor and any budget – so why not experience Kununurra as you never have before, and start your Kimberley adventure with us? 

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