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Let’s get back to basics!

Let’s get back to basics!

There’s nothing better than a camping trip to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Packing is an important part of planning any trip but are you bringing along too many things?

Nowadays there are so many gadgets and camping add-ons out there, but you can end up with a heavy load, cluttered vehicle and a headache to pack and unpack. Reducing the gear that you bring along means using less fuel, resulting in a more cost-effective trip. Check the weather before you go and double-check all your essentials. Simplify what you bring, lighten your load, and declutter your vehicle – it’ll be a breath of fresh air.

Aside from minimalist packing, you don’t need to go to camp sites with lots of facilities. Access to a lot of facilities can be great, but these camp sites tend to get very busy and packed. Camp sites that are a little more basic tend to have more space for the kids to play, are quieter at nights and are usually in remote spots, surrounded by beautiful nature. So, consider a more basic camp site for your next trip and reap the benefits.

Before embarking on your next adventure, don’t forget to be respectful and leave your camp site just as you found it. Always remember to dispose of any rubbish, don’t make too much noise and clean up after yourselves. Going back to basics and connecting to nature means respecting and caring for it too – and this ensures that future campers can enjoy it too! What are you waiting for? Hit the dusty track with your new minimalist approach and make some memories.

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