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Looking for caravans for sale? Sydney’s JAWA showroom is open!

Looking for caravans for sale? Sydney’s JAWA showroom is open!

In partnership with JAWA Off Road Campers

JAWA Off Road Campers invites you to visit our caravan showroom – Sydney residents can browse our range and chat with our friendly team. And if you’re hoping to hit the road sooner rather than later, our Sydney showroom is now taking orders – and popular models are available for fast delivery!

No longer will customers have to wait for their JAWA camper to arrive from Queensland, because we’ve been given the green light to have them for sale right here in Sydney. This means that no matter when your grand adventure begins, you can travel in style with the right JAWA camper for you.

Choosing the right caravan will take you far!

When planning a great Australian adventure, you want to ensure that all the equipment you take with you is built tough to do the job – even in the most remote locations.

In a big city like Sydney, we often take for granted the convenience of having everything we could want or need to buy right on our doorstep.

Need a vehicle part? It’s here somewhere.

Need something fixed? No problem!

But when the distant horizon is calling, we need to remember that out there in the incredible, beautiful vastness of Australia, things are different.

After all, isn’t that why we want to go?

To explore what makes this country unique, to traverse isolated landscapes so quiet you swear you can hear the memories the landscape holds secret, to bump along dusty roads that lead to marvellous blue pools…

Of course!

But it’s important to remember that choosing the best gear and camper you can afford will help make your experience everything you dream of, with fewer hassles with repairs along the way. 

Nothing puts a dampener on a trip more quickly than a breakdown in a remote area with little mobile reception, few passing cars, and a dwindling supply of refreshments.

That’s why it pays to choose gear that’s built tough.

Why choose a JAWA caravan for your next road trip?

JAWA Off Road Campers is Australia’s leader in light, stable off-road campers and caravans that can go anywhere you want to go.

When designing our campers, we drew upon a depth of experience with the realities of travel around Australia, taking into account the dust and the corrugations, the wet or narrow roads, and the challenges and highlights that accompany a journey across this vast country.

We built a series of tough off-road campers that make travelling safer, easier, and significantly more comfortable. We’ve thought of everything you’ll need, and our top-of-the-range models include the kind of luxury and comfort that turns a humble caravan into a home away from home.

Each camper is assembled in a state-of-the-art production house in Queensland and New South Wales, where we fit all our award-winning vans with quality Australian electronics, hydraulics, and finishes, so you know they’re built Australia tough.

And you can now buy and service your JAWA camper in two locations – Sydney, or in the beautiful beachside town of Caloundra on the stunning Sunshine Coast.

These two locations offer convenience and excellent customer service, because if you’re a JAWA adventurer, we make sure you feel welcome and have all the support you need to set off on the next leg of your adventure.

Interested in JAWA caravans? Sydney is taking orders now!

We invite you to come along to our new camper showroom in Sydney where you can examine up close our range of JAWA campers and caravans.

This is the best way to choose the one that’s right for you – and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

And with sales now available on site, you can get on the road fast. Questions? Contact us today!

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