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Making life on the road smarter

Making life on the road smarter

In partnership with BMPRO.

Tracking the efficiencies across all amenities within an RV has never been easier – and more convenient!

BMPRO’s ProSmart brings the concept of a smart home to on-the-road travellers by equipping an RV, SUV, all-terrain vehicle, four-wheel drive, or watercraft with innovative technology to remotely monitor household systems with a simple click of a button.

Take advantage of expansive landscapes and travel for longer without the inconvenience or worry around depleting caravan resource levels. ProSmart’s app-based monitoring mechanisms are purpose-built to provide safer and more sustainable travel adventures for all caravanners and their overlanding and boating counterparts.

Designed to maintain the comfort levels of off-grid travels and/or improve the efficiency of working in remote locations, ProSmart allows caravanners to monitor both wired and bluetooth sensors, ensuring a trouble-free journey through real-time monitoring capabilities, regardless of wi-fi connection.

ProSmart is inclusive of a free user-friendly app to monitor functions, such as tyre pressure, gas bottle levels, temperature, water levels, and battery status. Pair up to 40 SmartConnect bluetooth sensors, four water tanks, a 12-volt battery, and a wired temperature sensor to monitor vital parameters – all at your fingertips.

There’s something unique and precious about the moments spent together with your family in nature. These are made even better with ProSmart onboard your RV. So why wait? Monitor your adventures the smart way to rediscover freedom again.

ProSmart has been designed and manufactured in Melbourne, and the ProSmart app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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