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Master your power with RedVision

Master your power with RedVision

In partnership with REDARC

This time of year, many caravanners are travelling and enjoying the warmer weather. The last thing you want during your journey is to spend the whole time worrying about power. Forget your power worries and take your caravan to the next level with REDARC’s RedVision vehicle management system.

Control and monitor your system and all its onboard devices through RedVision. User-friendly and accessible via both a wired display and smartphone app, configure your RedVision system for exactly how you like to travel.

When you wake up, use the RedVision app to power on your coffee machine, turn on lights, and check the outside temperature, all without leaving the comfort of your bed. As the day winds down, you can adjust the lights or switch on the water heater ready for a pre-bed shower, all while you’re keeping warm by the camp fire.

When combined with REDARC’s Manager30 Battery Management System, RedVision provides real-time insights into your battery status. Whether you’re charging from AC mains, the alternator, or solar power, you’ll always know how many days’ worth of power you have left.

RedVision is fully customisable and adapts to your changing needs. RedVision not only monitors your power system, but with motion sensing capabilities and six water level and temperature inputs, you’ll also always be on top of your entire system.

RedVision seamlessly integrates with REDARC’s comprehensive range of off-grid charging and power products. The flexible hardware options allow the distribution box to be conveniently tucked into any unused space in your caravan, with the display installed exactly where you want it.

Like all REDARC products, RedVision is backed by nationwide support, including a hassle-free warranty, the REDNetwork-certified installer network, and in-house after-sales service to answer any questions.

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