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Mind your manners

Mind your manners

Brush up on the unspoken rules of caravan park etiquette to make sure you (and your temporary neighbours) have a smooth stay!

There’s nothing worse than trying to kick back with a book and relax, only to be interrupted by screaming kids, enthusiastic dogs, loud music and inconsiderate campers in the site next to yours. Of course, some noises are inevitable – you’re on holiday – but it’s important to be mindful of what’s acceptable and what isn’t at a caravan park, no matter if you’re the one making a ruckus or the one having to bear it.

Barking at bay

There’s no doubt that our furry friends are part of the family. We love and take care of our beloved pets like they’re our children – and often, a holiday is only made better with them by our side. Of course, when taking your dog with you to a caravan park, you will need to ensure they are well trained and behaved. While you may trust your dog with your life, it’s important to remember that not everyone is a dog person. At the end of the day, dogs can be unpredictable, and letting them roam freely may not just upset other campers, but it could also create a dangerous situation. Your dog could get lost, or they may get over-excited and jump on your neighbours. People can often be just as unpredictable as pets – and you never know how someone might react to your dog, or how they might treat them.

Keep the kids calm

A sense of community in a park is one of the best things about caravanning and camping, and it’s great to see kids being kids (particularly after years of lockdowns!). But it is also important that parents teach their kids to have their wits about them, and to be considerate of other campers. Manners go a long way, as does general respect! Kids should be taught to be thoughtful of their fellow travellers, as well as to avoid running through and around different camp sites.

Clean up after yourself

Caravan parks have a multitude of shared facilities: kitchens, barbecues, toilets, showers and laundries – so it’s absolutely paramount to keep everything clean and tidy after you use it! Simple things like wiping down a surface before and after use won’t just keep you safe, but will also ensure that other campers have a positive experience. It’s also a good idea to keep your own site contained and tidy. Avoid tension with your temporary neighbours by keeping all your belongings on your site, and make sure you don’t litter. Camping and caravanning would be obsolete if it wasn’t for the natural wonders surrounding us, so respect both the caravan park and the natural environment by picking up after yourself.

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