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MSA 4×4’s award-winning towing mirrors

MSA 4×4’s award-winning towing mirrors

In partnership with MSA 4×4 Accessories.

Towing large caravans and trailers can often be stressful. With all the safety rules and regulations, there’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to towing.

Government regulations legislate that the driver is required to see past the full length of the caravan or trailer at its widest point, as well as a further 20 metres behind it. In other words, the towing mirrors must be able to see wider than the object being towed. These regulations are set in place to ensure the safety of all those on the road.

MSA 4×4 has put a lot of time and research into creating the perfect towing mirrors for your vehicle. These mirrors give optimum visibility by offering a full vision of the road and traffic behind the vehicle. They can be adjusted to what best suits you, as the mirrors come in four different positions – allowing for any situation. The MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors have a slightly curved feature on the glass for enhanced vision. They also feature a large single mirror that pivots on an exceptionally sturdy extension, assisting in more vision and less vibration. These mirrors are suitable for everyday driving as well as towing. All you must do is slide the mirror back into its first ‘non-towing’ position.

These market-leading towing mirrors are compliant with Australian Design Rules standards, as safety is highly regarded at MSA 4×4 to ensure customers feel protected while using MSA 4×4 products. These towing mirrors are built for Australian vehicles and can survive the harsh environments of the outback; however, they also come with a five-year warranty. In 2020, MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors won the SEMA Global Media Award, which took place in Las Vegas.

MSA 4×4 Accessories consistently provides the best-quality products and is constantly looking into different opportunities to refine and improve all product ranges. Ensuring that all products are kept up to date with all safety requirements is a top priority for MSA 4×4.

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