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MSA 4×4’s premium Canvas Seat Covers

MSA 4×4’s premium Canvas Seat Covers

In partnership with MSA 4×4.

When taking the caravan away for a family holiday, you need maximum comfort on those long drives. The MSA 4×4 12-ounce premium-quality Canvas Seat Covers deliver maximum comfort and durability for those long journeys ahead. The Canvas Seat Covers are compliant with the Australian Design Rules (ADR), and are designed to suit your vehicle for the tightest fit. For extra longevity in those high-wear areas, it’s reinforced with a poly-cotton layer, and two canvas layers.

MSA 4×4’s Canvas Seat Covers are the only seat covers with an integrated Air Lumbar Support System, providing your back with an added layer of comfort and support to help with the pain while driving. Using lumbar support can help tremendously with maintaining your posture and relieving your pain.

The MSA Canvas Seat Covers also feature a super soft underside layer of cotton. You don’t want rough canvas rubbing through to the delicate fabric of your original seats, so the cotton lining is critical to prevent this. The Canvas Seat Covers are manufactured from MSA 4×4’s special blend of 12-ounce, soft and comfortable canvas, combined with DuPont™ 100 per cent waterproof Teflon. This allows for the greatest comfort on those long drives, while maximising protection from your kids and pets.  

MSA 4×4 takes pride in ensuring each product range is safe for use, and all MSA Canvas Seat Covers are fully crash-tested and certified ADR-compliant. This ensures that the factory airbags will deploy the way the manufacturers intended, by no more than one-thousandth of a second. When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time.

All MSA 4×4 products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, and to perform as intended. The Canvas Seat Covers come with MSA 4×4’s Lifetime Guarantee, giving customers peace of mind that they will be looked after. MSA 4×4 stands behind its products, and is always looking to refine and improve product ranges.

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