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Must-have autumn caravanning accessories

Must-have autumn caravanning accessories

Make the most of your autumn getaway, and check out our ultimate list of the latest and greatest caravan and camping accessories for saving space, staying safe, keeping connected and having a great time!

Handheld Espresso Machine
Australians know about good coffee, and sometimes the instant stuff just doesn’t cut it – even when we’re roughing it on a caravanning or camping holiday and are desperate for a cup of joe. Handheld espresso machines are small, light and versatile, and will fit your favourite coffee pods or finely ground coffee, so you can have a quality brew whenever you like!

Folding bike
You’ve bought the bike rack for the back of the van, but the hassle of setting it up has made you boycott the cycling trip more than once. Even when you do bring them, you’re conscious of your bike getting wet, rusty, dirty or stolen out in the open. A folding bike solves all of these problems, because you can bring it inside your caravan or car, and store it easily and safely.

Wall-mounted picnic table
When you’re exploring the outdoors, finding an ideal spot to set up your picnic can be a challenge. Uneven ground makes your table wobble, and wet ground or ants can make picnic-blanket lunches unpleasant. It’s a fantastic space saver – fasten it to your caravan wall (inside, outside – or both), where you’ll barely notice it, and fold it down when you need it!

Compressible pillow
One of the most inescapable travel buddies, your pillow always seems to accompany you on the road. Compressible pillows are perfect for any travel expedition. They can usually be compressed to just a quarter of their original size, making it easy for you to pop one in your backpack or sleeping bag cover. They come in small, medium and large, depending on your desired level of luxury.

Wood-burning camp stove and phone charger
The BioLite camp stove cooking system is small but mighty. You can bring this little marvel with you on your travels to remote locations, and power it with biomass, such as twigs and pinecones. It’ll cook food and boil a litre of water in less than five minutes. Better yet, it generates its own electricity, so you can use it to charge your portable devices. Twenty minutes of charging will provide you with an hour of talk time on the phone.

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