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National Parks Series: Queensland

National Parks Series: Queensland

Australia is home to an abundance of phenomenal national parks, ranging from rainforests to beachside landscapes. Caravanning Australia has highlighted the wonders of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory and now we’re onto the next glorious state. Queensland doesn’t disappoint and its national parks are some of the most renowned in the country. Here are our favourites – in no particular order.

Daintree National Park

Combining two glorious areas – Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation – the Daintree National Park showcases some of Australia’s most scenic offerings. Located in North Queensland, the national park houses native Australian flora and fauna – with more than 430 bird species and 23 species of reptiles. Head on a variety of walking trails, swim in natural rock pools and gaze at the variety of animals on offer from lookout points.

Noosa National Park

A vast change from Daintree National Park, the Noosa National Park boasts countless beaches to gaze upon. The national park contains the Noosa Headland, Emu Mountain and Peregian – all with a different sight to see. Photographers will fall in love with the turquoise waters and wildlife on display, especially the waves crashing against sandstone caves at Hell’s Gates. Engage in paddle boarding yoga, surfing, hikes or even kayak along the Noosa Everglades.

Carnarvon National Park Located near Roma and Emerald, Carnarvon National Park is an outback lover’s dream. Housing more than 2000 Indigenous artworks, the national park holds dear culture significance to the Indigenous custodians. Fly high above and witness its beauty with an aerial view of the national park for a life-changing experience. Witness the native fauna on a night-time safari tour, which is conducted by experienced tour guides – this is quite a thrill as 80 per cent of the animals located in Carnarvon National Park are nocturnal! Feel free to camp inside the national park by glamping in style, or in resorts that are close by.

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