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National Parks: Tasmania

National Parks: Tasmania

Tasmania’s national parks look like they were lifted from a painting, replete with lush forests, panoramic views and rugged peaks. It makes it the perfect state to visit next in our ‘National Parks’ series. Rich in biodiversity and untouched beauty, you’ll come away from these national parks with lifelong memories. Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s recommendations for your next Tassie discovery: 

Freycinet National Park

This park is one of the most incredible places in Tasmania – make sure that you bring a camera to capture all the beautiful views. Climb pink granite mountains to new heights and see oceanic views from Wineglass Bay. You can frolic with dolphins or splash around in Coles Bay and Great Oyster Bay. The Freycinet Paddle is a three-hour guided kayak tour where visitors can see marine life up close, enjoy white sandy beaches and glide across the water. The guides are well-versed in Aboriginal and early settler history.

Hartz Mountains National Park

Shaped by ancient glaciers, this park is marked by a rugged wild beauty with endless mountain peaks. It’s part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and a popular bushwalker spot, where you can see tumbling waterfalls. There are glacial lakes scattered along the alpine plateau and, in spring, the countryside is blanketed with red Tasmanian waratah. Walk around Waratah Lookout, Arve Falls and Lake Osborne for a valuable glimpse at the area’s age-old landscapes.

Mole Creek Karst National Park

This park sits on the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, featuring a ‘karst’ landscape formed millions of years ago when Tasmania was still a part of supercontinent Gondwana. Mole Creek’s Marakoopa Cave is home to an incredible glow-worm display (the largest in Australia), these critters making for an ethereal sight. The park has gorges, underground streams and springs, sinkholes and more than 300 known caves for visitors to explore. Head to King Solomon’s Cave to see more subterranean sights – it’s filled with sparkling calcite crystals. Caving and guided tours are available for those curious about what lies under the surface.

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