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Natural wonders in New South Wales

Natural wonders in New South Wales

Stop and smell the roses in this beautiful state – it’s brimming with natural attractions for visitors to explore, discover and enjoy. There are guided tours so you can learn as much about your natural surroundings and history as possible. Reconnect with nature’s finest offerings and don’t forget your camera! You won’t want to go home without preserving any of these special memories.

Jenolan Caves

Known as one of Australia’s most spectacular cave systems (and one of the world’s oldest), there are underground rivers and amazing formations to marvel at. Go adventure caving – walk, crawl, climb, squeeze and scramble over rock piles to find your way through the cave. There are also guided tours, with a choice of nine spectacular show caves, and even a ghost tour for those who are paranormally inclined.

Above ground, saunter through the pristine Aussie bush and catch a glimpse of the native wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies and platypuses. Gaze out at the incredibly beautiful Blue Lake – it’s a sight that will take your breath away!

Mungo National Park

Stop at the World Heritage Mungo National Park, which is home to the famous Mungo Lady and Mungo Man (the world’s oldest human cremations). These 42,000-year-old ritual burials, along with past human footprints, tell an incredible story about the ancient history of the traditional owners of the land. This park is rich in Aboriginal history – it bears great significance to the Ngiyampaa, Mutthi Mutthi and Southern Paakantyi people. Take a tour to the Walls of China – here, erosion has sculpted sand and clay into otherworldly formations that look straight out of a movie!

The Living Desert and sculptures

Nestled in the Living Desert Reserve are two must-sees – sculptures and the flora and fauna sanctuary. The sculptures are made up of 12 sandstone artworks, which are scattered along the skyline. Made in 1993 by artists all around the world, each has a story to tell! The flora and fauna sanctuary is made up of 180 hectares bordered by an electric predator-proof fence. It’s been designed to let visitors have great insight into flora, fauna and Aboriginal culture – there are displays and recent artworks to enjoy at your leisure.

For more natural wonders to pop on your bucket list, check out the Spring 2021 issue of Caravanning Australia!

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