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Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Stretching from Trial Harbour to Hell’s Gates at Macquarie Harbour, Ocean Beach is the longest beach in Tasmania, and it does indeed seem to stretch forever, even if you’re conquering it by four-wheel drive.

There are more than 35 kilometres of beach to explore, meaning Ocean Beach is a driving experience that is never quite the same twice; shifting sand dunes, powerful waves and challenging river crossings can all be found on the track. With strong tidal surges that can get the better of even the heaviest vehicles, it’s definitely a track for experienced beach drivers only.

Two of the most challenging sections are at the mouths of the Henty and Little Henty rivers, where drivers regularly encounter not only quicksand, but also dangerous waves that have been known to drag four-wheel drives out to sea at high tide. For these reasons, it’s best to tackle this track with at least one other vehicle or even a convoy, and it’s essential to make sure that your vehicle is well equipped with adequate radios and communications devices.

For those who accept the challenge, your daring will be rewarded with spectacular views over the ocean and an unforgettable journey that will be hard to match with any track you tackle afterwards.

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