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Outback exploring on the Explorers Way

Outback exploring on the Explorers Way

Stunning starry night skies, untouched landscapes, regions rich in history and epic outdoorsy adventures await in the South Australian outback.

Discover the beating heart of the South Australian outback on the Explorers Way, an iconic road trip that will see you snake up from Adelaide’s thriving arts scene, through the luscious wine country of the Clare Valley, and into the great unknown – the outback – for a rugged and beautiful journey up into the Northern Territory.

Clare Valley

The Clare Valley is home to more than 30 different wineries and cellar doors, and features extensive bike trails for any enthusiastic cyclers. After driving for a few hours, stop here to enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine and park up for the evening.

Port Augusta

Port Augusta sits on the northern end of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf, where the desert’s rich earth meets aquamarine waters – it’s truly a sight to behold. This area is a great place to stopover for the evening, as several caravan parks and camping grounds are surrounded by a range of fun activities. If you’re itching for some historical fun, visit the RSL Military Museum to explore the state’s military history, before kicking back with a pint and a delicious pub-style meal (steak and chips, please!).

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheatre surrounded by ancient cliffs and mountains that date back 800 million years. The mountains themselves feel all-knowing and wise, as if they’ve sat idle and watched on as life itself developed around them. You can explore Wilpena Pound in a variety of ways, including via a helicopter ride above the peaks, or on the Arkaba Walk, which takes you on a guided multi-day hike through some of South Australia’s most impressive terrains.

Coober Pedy

For those wanting to jump at the gun and dive headfirst into some outdoorsy action, Coober Pedy is an outback mecca full of exciting twists and turns. Head to Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park, just 25 kilometres outside of Coober Pedy, to admire striking sandstone peaks that come alive when the sun starts to set. There’s also a chance to try your hand at opal mining to find your own gorgeous blue gem!

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Image courtesy of Michael Waterhouse Photography

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