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Planning an eco-friendly road trip

Planning an eco-friendly road trip

Purchasing an environmentally friendly vehicle can be quite pricey – and you also run the risk of not locating a charging station in time while on an adventure. Shrinking our carbon footprint while on road trips can positively benefit the world but the costs can be quite high. There are changes that are easy to implement in your road trip, with little cost involved (it may actually save you some coin for holiday activities).

Here are Caravanning Australia’s top tips on planning an eco-friendly road trip:

Fuel efficiency:

In order to save costs in fuel consumption on their eco-friendly adventure, caravanners are advised to pack only the essentials. When added extras are involved, fuel consumption skyrockets due to the weight of the vehicle. If the number of items brought on the trip calls for an added vehicle, contemplate whether each item is worth it. One vehicle’s fuel intake is more cost effective for the travellers and also releases less emissions, as opposed to two separate vehicles. Another helpful tip is to check your vehicle’s oil and tire levels, which in turn can boost your fuel efficiency for the upcoming trip ahead.


Reusable items are the perfect investment to cut costs along the trip, as well as doing your bit for the environment. Bring along reusable drink bottles, grocery bags and food containers to minimise your plastic usage. This will allow for less waste along the way and help to protect the environment.

Green accommodation:

Australia is booming with eco-friendly accommodation options! These destinations focus on conserving energy and water – if your goal is to undertake an eco-friendly road trip, then support these businesses! If your itinerary calls for booking in advance, we recommend pre-booking to secure your spot.

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