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Plug-and-play with EcoFlow Power Kits

Plug-and-play with EcoFlow Power Kits

In partnership with Clean Portable Power.

EcoFlow Power Kits are the world’s first integrated, plug-and-play power solutions, specifically designed for caravans, motorhomes and tiny homes.

The Power Kits offer a modern alternative to the outdated, highly complex 12-volt battery and inverter systems currently used in many off-grid and portable power set-ups.

EcoFlow’s 48-volt system produces the same amount of power, but with only a quarter of the electric current passing through the wires. This ultimately produces significantly less heat and reduces power loss, especially when inverting to 240-volt alternating current (AC). This makes it much more efficient for powering household devices in off-grid situations.

The Power Kits feature an expandable battery set-up, starting from two kilowatts per hour (166 amp hours), through to an unrivalled 15 kilowatts per hour (1250 amp hours) of maximum stored battery capacity. This is paired with both AC (3600 watts) and direct current (DC) outputs, or 60 amps at 12 volts. This type of power handles many of challenges presented by larger appliances, such as induction cooktops, air conditioners, water heaters and coffee machines.

Charging options for the EcoFlow Power Kits are versatile, and allow charging at unprecedented speeds via built-in AC, direct current to direct current (DC-DC), and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) chargers. This includes 15-amp park power (3000-watt input), solar (4800-watt input), vehicle alternator (1000-watt input), or even the EcoFlow gasoline Smart Generator (1800-watt input).

On top of this, the Power Kits’ smart technology features are unmatched. You can modify or monitor your entire power system via your phone, or via the seven-inch console screen.

All these features are now available in a compact and integrated design that is both easy to install and cost-effective! Prices for power kit bundles start at $4999, with an installation network set to follow later this year.

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