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 Power a 21st-century adventure

 Power a 21st-century adventure

 In partnership with REDARC Electronics.

GoBlock versus traditional battery boxes.

Traditionally, camping and caravanning has acted as a fulfilling escape from society and normality, letting us pretend for a moment that we can live without the technology we have become so dependent on. But as technology evolves to make our everyday lives easier, why shouldn’t we let it make these getaways as comfortable as possible? Enhance your outdoor experience and bring those home comforts with you thanks to REDARC’s GoBlock.

Traditional battery boxes often combine parts from a range of manufacturers, which may struggle to work together seamlessly and leave you chasing up multiple companies for technical support. GoBlock is a one-stop shop – it’s an optimised and purpose-built solution to off-grid power.

Featuring DC-DC charging, AC charging, battery monitoring, a lithium battery and a MPPT solar regulator straight out of the box, GoBlock’s recessed inputs and fan-less design means it’s made to work together in the harshest conditions without fault.

You don’t need to be an electrician or worry about wiring to get optimal portable power performance. Versatile and flexible, GoBlock goes wherever you go. Charge it from your wall or accessory socket and move it from vehicle to vehicle with no need to get your hands dirty.

Forget about wiring monitors to the box yourself. Using bluetooth, the GoBlock can connect to the RedVision smartphone app – giving remote access to the battery’s state of charge, system diagnostics, and input source information while you’re relaxing by the camp fire with a cold drink.

 GoBlock is perfect if you’re tight on space. Whether you have a small vehicle, a company car, or you don’t want to commit to a permanently wired dual battery system, GoBlock can easily be taken in and out of the car – meaning you don’t need to drive around with it when you’re not using it. GoBlock is also invaluable for older caravans or campers that don’t have a decent electrical system. For those after a semi-permanent solution, GoBlock’s newest accessory, PowerDock, securely mounts your GoBlock and delivers a rapid charge from the vehicle.

 Say goodbye to traditional, makeshift battery boxes, and get the freedom to camp anywhere, with the flexibility and reliability of a purpose-built solution.

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