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Power sources for your remote getaway

Power sources for your remote getaway

Caravanners and campers share in the joy of roaming obscure and far-flung corners of our beautiful country, but they just can’t seem to settle on the best way to power these adventures.

Solar power

Because solar panels activate with sunlight, they are a viable long-term solution to powering your adventures off the grid. For travellers who care about their footprint and don’t rely on power-hungry appliances, going solar is a silent, cost-effective and eco-friendly power option. As a bonus, while the initial purchase and installation can be expensive, running on solar energy is virtually free.

Extra battery

Travellers often find that they can eke out a few extra days of power just by carrying an extra deep-cycle battery in the tow vehicle. It’s also a good idea to fit a battery management system to your vehicle, so you can monitor the alternator and make sure that the main battery doesn’t run flat. Battery management systems are inexpensive and widely available.


Living for days on end without a power source in today’s technological world seems almost incomprehensible. For those who are prepared and resourceful, a few power-free days can be not only surprisingly easy, but also a welcome chance to fully immerse yourself in your travels. This option isn’t for everyone, and may not be a prudent way to travel for long periods of time. You certainly shouldn’t compromise your safety if living without electricity means you can’t be contacted in an emergency or are unable to make contact for help. Consider purchasing good-quality portable battery and solar-powered devices, like phone chargers and lights, before you hit the road.

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