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Power up your adventures with Pro-Wave Inverters

Power up your adventures with Pro-Wave Inverters

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A reliable power source on the road is essential for adventure enthusiasts to get more from every moment. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just starting your journey, the Pro-Wave Inverter is here to revolutionise the way you power up your camper.

Pure power for your home away from home

Designed, engineered, and tested in Australia, the Pro-Wave Inverters provide performance in the toughest conditions. Using pure sine wave power to replicate the 240-volt mains power found at home means you can enjoy clean, reliable power without worrying about damage to electrical appliances. This also ensures your appliances run smoothly – from watching TV without static to playing your favourite gaming consoles.

Greater starting power for every need

What really makes the Pro-Wave Inverter stand out comes down to its greater starting power.

With the ability to run at 120 per cent surge for 10 minutes, and an impressive 200 per cent for one second, you can effortlessly power up more of your appliances – making your camper feel even more like a home on wheels.

Safe, discreet and convenient

Pro-Wave Inverters are designed with your safety and appliance performance in mind. The fully isolated design ensures your 240-volt alternating current circuit remains separated from the direct current, offering peace of mind.

Thanks to the convenience of an LCD display remote, you can mount your Pro-Wave Inverter unit discreetly out of sight. The remote allows you to switch the inverter on and off, while also providing crucial information about load power and input voltage.

Powering Aussie dreams with Pro-Wave

Are you an avid traveller, or do you enjoy more occasional or short-stay getaways? There’s a Pro-Wave Inverter model for everyone. Get equipped for your next adventure and enjoy the freedom to power your world wherever the road takes you.

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