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Prepare your batteries for hibernation

Prepare your batteries for hibernation

In partnership with our friends at REDARC.

Leaving summer behind often means a few months of hibernation for our vehicles, RVs and caravans. When the warm weather returns and you’re getting ready for your next adventure, will your batteries be ready?  

Lead-acid batteries lose power gradually over time when not in use, so after months of hibernation your batteries might not be up to the task. While this is common knowledge, the fact that it degrades the long-term health and efficiency of your batteries may come as a surprise. Maintenance costs aside, wouldn’t it just be nice to have your tourer ready when you are?

What if your tourer is also your daily drive? Your battery is always charged, isn’t it? If the vehicle is driven on a lot of short trips, the battery may not receive enough charge to recover the energy lost when cranking at the start of the trip. Many modern vehicles also feature a smart charging alternator profile that disengages when the battery is near full capacity. If your battery is never near capacity due to short trips, this will place more load on the engine and cost you more in fuel.

That’s where REDARC’s SmartCharge AC to DC battery chargers come in. They’re simple to use: just connect the charging clips to the battery (or use the optional plug connection), connect to an AC power supply (such as your home sockets) and push the ‘ON’ button. When finished, you simply wind up the cables and that’s it. Not to mention, they’re rated to IP65, so these SmartChargers can be used both outdoors and in damp environments.

From reducing maintenance and fuel costs to the convenience of having your tourer ready when you are, there are plenty of reasons to consider a REDARC SmartCharge AC to DC charger.

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