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Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Australia is no stranger to breathtaking scenery and incredible natural landscapes. There are plenty of places around this incredible country where you can experience mesmerising views and snap some incredible pictures. If it’s a unique view that you’re after, then look no further than Australia’s pink lakes.

There are a few different pink lakes dotted around the country, most of which change hues depending on factors like weather and time of year. So, there’s a heap of places for you to explore!

One of our top picks is Hutt Lagoon, located near Port Gregory along Western Australia’s Coral Coast. A trip to this lake ticks all of the boxes: picture-perfect views, a unique natural landscape and, to top it all off, a nearby charming coastal town.

As with many pink lakes, the colouring of Hutt Lagoon can vary depending on a range of factors. So, you could visit the lake again and again, and experience different views each time! The lagoon’s unique colour is caused by the presence of algae known as dunaliella salina, which is often used in health products.

To ensure that you get to see the lake when the views are at their best, we’d recommend visiting on a clear, sunny day as the sunlight makes the lake an even more vibrant colour. The lake is best viewed from Port Gregory Road, be sure to take your camera along, because you can walk right down to the waters edge for some fantastic photo opportunities!

Hutt Lagoon is just one of the pink lakes that can be found around the country. Be sure to grab yourself a copy of the Caravanning Australia spring edition to find out our other pink lakes recommendations!

Pictured is an aerial view of Hutt Lagoon. Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

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