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Quarantine activities for kids

Quarantine activities for kids

Below is an article by Tom McGay, who is giving activity ideas to parents during quarantine.

Being in quarantine means restless, energetic and bored kids. A key to staying sane in this tough period of time is to do activities, ranging from exercise to mindfulness. I’ll be listing five useful activities that kids can do indoors


Jumping jacks, jogging on the spot and push-ups can all be done inside. There are many online workout videos for all levels your kids can follow along to on the internet. Making sure your kids are burning energy while in quarantine is very important. If anyone is sitting down continuously day after day, they will find themselves agitated, have trouble sleeping, and gaining weight. So, just getting you and kids to do 60 jumping jacks each day can go a long way.

Board games and puzzles

Puzzles and board games can be a great way to kill time while having fun. Puzzles and board games require lots of attention, which is great to stop kids getting up to mischief. If you don’t have puzzles or board games at your house already, there’s plenty of places online to order them from. A site I would suggest is They have a wide variety of board games and puzzles at affordable prices.


For some kids, board games, puzzles and drawings are just not something they’re into. Crafting projects like a bird’s house and mini garden beds are perfect. There’s plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to build projects for all levels.

Movie night:

With next to no commitments for many on quarantine, it’s the perfect time to watch some movies. Getting comfy on the couch while having some snacks and watching your family’s favourite movies is always great for bonding and definitely something the kids will enjoy.


In quarantine kids tend to be more energetic and on edge as they have to stay indoors. Mindfulness can be great to wind them down. Smiling Minds is an app I definitely recommend when trying to do mindfulness. Relaxing is very important, so go ahead and try mindfulness with your kids.

These 5 activities will help get you and your kids through this difficult time.

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